Mr Trump’s presentation of a report by the state’s certified director of intelligence on felony crimes was highly regarded

As Americans gathered in Washington on Saturday for an anti-theft rally, President Donald Trump tweeted On Sunday that massive voter fraud had been uncovered in swing states that would not only be illegal to certify the election results, but would also be a serious offense punishable by punishment. This week, the focus of the campaign will again be the “assessment of foreign interference in the American election”, reported by John Ratcliffe, America’s director of intelligence.

After the US Supreme Court dismissed the Texas lawsuit, US President Donald Trump tweeted on December 12, saying “we are just beginning the fight!!”

Trump Sunday tweets, points out that “swing states found a large number of election fraud, these states cannot without committed serious crimes, which is to be punished, legal proof that integrity and accuracy. As everyone knows, the existence state of the dead, not enough legal age, illegal immigration, fake signatures, prisoners, illegal votes, and many others.”

In September 2018, the President of the United States trump signed an executive order request “within 45 days after the election in the United States, director of national intelligence should be with any other appropriate consultation, head of the executive departments and agencies, to any foreign government, or as a foreign government agents, or act on behalf of foreign governments, have intervention in the us election intentions, or to evaluate objective information.” Will be an important basis for President Trump to enforce martial law, military rule, and counterinsurgency.

Retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General David McInerney (2020.12.1) : “The president must declare a state of emergency. This state of emergency shall be based on an executive order of September 12, 2018, in which he says he will declare a state of emergency if a foreign power influences our election.”

This week, The director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, is expected to deliver his assessment of foreign interference in the election. Ratcliffe flew to west Point with Trump on Marine One for a football game on December 12. “Traveling with President Trump to today’s Army and Navy game in honor of the Armed forces of the United States,” He tweeted.