Creepy! Bill Gates suddenly said vaccinate the poor first…

Gates spoke with Jake Tapper on CNN to discuss the world’s vaccinations. According to Gates, “vaccinations should be based on medical needs, not on the wealthy.” The Gateway expert commented: “Bill Gates is getting creepier and creepier. “Some netizens put it more bluntly:” If the rich people bluntly said: ‘No, no. To give it to the poor first ‘, the red light is on, there is a problem. The public needs to be vigilant.

Later, the moderator referred to a proposal by Biden, Obama, Bush and Clinton for open vaccination, and asked Gates if he would consider open vaccination as well. Bill Gates was adamant: “It’s my turn. I’ll get vaccinated. “Yet almost two years ago, on February 7, 2018, Locks News Network reported that Bill Gates’ former doctor had disclosed that Gates was refusing to vaccinate his children. What’s going on here?

One netizen commented: “Yeah, ‘It’s my turn, I’ll get vaccinated. ‘This will be a truly deadly pandemic, with no cure at all. “

Netizen Amy commented: “These powerful people are making a show of publicly vaccinating themselves. Have they actually got vaccinated? Or is there an antidote after inoculation? That is unknown. But their publicity stunt and public vaccination can fool some people. “