President of the Organization for Business Renewal: A stolen election. The economy never recovers

Eric Moutsos, a police officer and chairman of the Utah Business Revival group, attended a mass rally in Washington, DC, on December 12 to “stop the burglary and support A Second term for President Trump.”

Eric Moutsos, a former Salt Lake City police officer who is president of the Utah Business Revival group, traveled to Washington, D.C., for rallies and demonstrations in support of Trump and against massive election fraud.

U.S. President Donald Trump won 74 million votes in the 2020 election, 12 million more than in 2016. But the results of the presidential election will not be known for a month because of massive electoral fraud in swing states.

Tens of thousands of americans gathered in Washington, DC, on December 12th to demand a fair and transparent vote count. In fact, there have been similar protests in state capitals across the country every weekend since the election.

“It’s wrong,” said Eric Moutsos, a former Salt Lake City police officer. “It’s theft.”

“Liberty cannot exist without morality,” Mussos says. “You cannot have liberty without good decisions.”

“If we don’t speak up now (please, every business owner, step up and stop this), we’re going to lose America.” He said.

Mussos’ Utah Business Revival group, which now has more than 25,000 members, has staged protests against the virus lockdown in recent months and campaigned to “save small businesses.” However, he faced huge opposition.

“They humiliated you. They said, you want to kill people?” “Mussos said. However, he argues that “people are dying of despair”.

“What people don’t know is that raising unemployment by 1 per cent in the US is the equivalent of 35,000 deaths in six years from suicide, heart disease, alcohol and liver problems,” he said. That’s just 1%. We have 30 percent unemployment. How many people are going to die?”

“So, we have to stop immediately. “If the next government is the result of stealing an election, I don’t think our economy will ever recover.” “Mussos said.

“The whole of 2020 is a lie, and if the American people don’t see it, we will never recover,” Mussos said, referring to false racial divisions, viral blockades and election results.

“If we do not stand on the principles of freedom, we will have nothing left,” he said. “The entire world economy depends on the American economy, and our enemies know it. They know that if they bleed The American economy dry, everything will collapse.”

Mussos agrees that there is a “battle between good and evil” going on.

“Our country was born because our founders fled Britain, because Britain imposed immoral ideas on its people, and America was born,” he said. “The only way we can get it back is to strike back with the same principles against radical ideas, and then we will be born again.”

“For the sake of our children, we stand up for freedom and autonomy.” He said.

“We stand with you, fight, fight, don’t let this happen,” Musos told Trump.

“If he doesn’t fight back, we will never, never, never recover,” he said. Never. We will never have another election. There will never be a fair election.”

“We need to bring Back To this country God, the man who built this land. If we do not ask for his help, we shall not succeed.” “He added.