Does the CCP influence the REPUBLICAN Party? Gordon Chang: Beijing wants to destroy the United States

Gordon Chang, a China expert, warned on The 13 Dec of the 2020 election that the Chinese Communist Party was infiltrating and trying to overthrow the US government, even affecting some Republicans, particularly those who handed Mr Biden a victory in key swing states.

Chapter house, in the United States “WABC” radio interview, said the communist party of China will use any means possible to penetrate and influence the United States, and attempting to overthrow the government, he thinks, the United States are at significant risk, “we now see is () of the communist party of China to the United States launched a comprehensive attack”, “it was a struggle for life.”

Yesterday with Chinese communist spy background woman Fang Fang (Christine Fang) lock the democratic vowell California congresswoman history (Eric Swalwell), according to this, chapter house, pointed out that the history vowell is federal members of the house intelligence committee, attaches great importance to for Beijing, but China is not in the history of vowell into commission before looking to close, but “has already begun to cultivate him”, the Chinese communist party is “cultivate many americans, and expect they can become more influential”.

Chapter house, also said that Georgia republican governor Ryan Kemp (Brian Kemp) was also boast the state’s relations with China, until the closure before the Chinese consulate general in Houston, Kemp also had travelled to China’s consulate in Houston to visit the Chinese communist party officials, and some group, “there is a photo, I feel particularly worrisome”.

After the US ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston in July, local residents filmed burning “unknown documents” inside the consulate. At the time, Christopher Burgess, a 30-year veteran of the C.I.A., said he believed the Consulate was “destroying classified and sensitive material.” Subsequently, three senior US officials revealed that the Houston Consulate, one of the most serious sites for Chinese communist Party espionage in the US, had been engaged in theft of trade secrets and other criminal activities for years under the direct direction of Beijing.

In an interview, Chang also said he believed the Houston consulate was closed because of spying. It is no coincidence, he added, that the Communist Party is pushing riots and protests in the US in an election year. “That means the violence in late May and early June.” “They were obviously coordinated, and they were bragging about how they were working with Chinese [Communist] agents. There were also signs of similar Chinese activity in Los Angeles and other southern California protests. These all need to be investigated.”

It is worth mentioning that the United States in the 2020 presidential election voters on election day at 10 am on eastern time 14 14 evening at 11 (Beijing time), the 50 states electoral college will be in accordance with the state name, will vote for a republican candidate of the President and the democratic nominee Joe biden trump, ending at 2 PM on the 14th, Georgia and Pennsylvania republicans have announced the replacement of the electoral college vote, all to trump, rather than Joe biden.