Michigan gaffe: Republican elector to Donald Trump is stopped by police

Monday is the day the national Electoral College votes. The Trump team is challenging fraudulent election results in several swing states including Michigan. Michigan is scheduled to vote at the Capitol at 2 p.m. But republican electors who will vote for Trump were stopped by police outside the Capitol building.

According to Gateway Pundit, the state troopers who intercepted the Republicans told the Republican electors: “The electors have arrived, and they have entered.”

No matter how the Republicans reasoned with them, even bringing in lawyers, the police wouldn’t let them in and said, “If you have any questions, you can contact the governor’s office.” No other reason was given.

So the Republican Party contacted the law enforcement officers in the House, who said they weren’t available and were meeting, and again asked them to contact the governor’s office.

Message sent after some protesters arrived at the scene, independent journalists guttenberg shi Wagner (Brendan Gutenschwager) photographed the scene photos, concurrent tweeted: “Michigan outside the parliament building is now closed to the public, officials said today the electoral college meet, vote for the 2020 U.S. presidential election, a” credible threats of violence.”

At the time of writing, the reporter also filmed democratic lawmakers walking out the door of the meeting. Some Of biden’s Democratic electors said, “You can’t see a big smile on my face.”

People who saw the scene commented on the Internet that it was a coup and should be punished.

@Doc Farmer: “Welcome to the coup. Prelude to severe punishment.”

“Michigan voted overwhelmingly for President Trump,” tweeted @presid-Elect J.Elect. The patriots are suppressed!! Rise Up Michigan, and be with the Republic!”

Ricocat1: “We are witnessing an election-stealing coup by arming Democrats. Execute traitors. Stop stealing!”

There is no further information as of press time.