Michigan Congressman: 1300 complaints alleging election fraud in one day

Michigan’s legislature is stepping up investigations into allegations of voting irregularities in the state. A Republican lawmaker in the state said voters were so unhappy with the state election that she received as many as 1,300 complaints in a single day, asking what the legislature was doing to address election fraud.

Michigan was one of the key swing states to face allegations of massive election fraud in the 2020 presidential election, particularly the vote count at the TCF Center in Detroit. At an election-related hearing in Michigan on December 1st, several witnesses revealed irregularities and irregularities they had witnessed during the election. In Antrim County, 6,000 trump votes were transferred to Biden.

Now, a Republican representative in the state vowed that the state legislature would continue to investigate election irregularities even as multiple election-related lawsuits continued to be dismissed by the courts.

Representative Daire Rendon, Republican of Michigan, told Just The News on Dec. 13 that “there are a lot of voters who are very, very unhappy with the way our election process has been conducted.”

In the days and weeks after the election, Rendon said, voters had “detected irregularities. They heard the testimony. The electoral process was not observed.

“Just yesterday, I got 1,300 emails,” Rendon said. “They were about election complaints. ‘What did you do about the election?’ the complainers asked. ‘”

Even more than a month after the election, renden said, “there is still so much interest across the state in investigating these violations.”

Rendon said the state legislature has already held hearings on the 2020 election. Matt Hall, chairman of the Michigan House Oversight committee, has told John Poulos, chief executive officer of Dominion Voting Systems, that the Legislature will consider subpoenaing him if he refuses to appear before the House for election hearings.

Renden was one of the Michigan Republicans who signed on to support Texas’s lawsuit against the four swing states. Texas’s case to the Supreme Court, which was intended to challenge the results of elections in four key swing states, was dismissed on December 11th.

Still, Rendon said investigations into election irregularities in the state would continue. She said her voters were “voting according to state rules” and asked the rest of the state to prove they were complying.

On December 12, a large number of Trump supporters gathered in Washington, D.C., for a mass rally to stop the election and support Trump’s re-election. Trump’s team says there is plenty of evidence that the election was rigged. The team denounced the courts at all levels and dismissed the lawsuit without giving them the opportunity to testify in court. Rudy Giuliani, who heads Mr Trump’s legal team, said on December 12 that “not a single court decision has included a hearing; They did not hear a witness; They haven’t seen a single video; They haven’t heard a single recording, and there are thousands of them.

“They didn’t even go to see the tape in Atlanta, Georgia, and that was decisive. It showed an ongoing voter theft, the theft of 30,000 ballots, and that was enough to change the election.” “Giuliani said.

After the Texas case was dismissed by the Supreme Court, Trump said the legal challenge is not over. Mr. Giuliani said the team would move immediately and seamlessly to Plan B, which would start with a lawsuit in each state. These lawsuits will be incorporated into the allegations in the Texas complaint.