Tedros Adhanom Ghebrezek is accused of genocide after being a “former leader of a terrorist group” overseeing tribal killings

Ethiopian government forces have been battling Tigray rebels in the north of the country for more than a month. Has criticized Taiwan “racial discrimination” of the world health organization (WHO) secretary tam kung plug (Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus) not only suspected to assist the rebels overthrow the Ethiopian government and more recently by an American economist, committed to the international criminal court (ICC) accused “genocide”, allegedly ordered security forces killed, detention and torture the Ethiopian national. If the ICC takes up the case, Tedros will become the first senior UN official to be prosecuted.

According to The Times of November 14, Nobel Peace Prize-nominated US economist David Steinman alleged that Tegli once served as the leader of the Communist-backed Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). The group is listed by the U.S. government as a Global terrorist organization and on the University of Maryland’s Global Terrorism Database. The group terrorizes, slaughters and arrests dissidents, and occupies about 34 percent of the country’s largest ethnic group, the Oromo.

Steinman noted that Tedesay was an important member of the TPLF and had been involved in “the intimidation of opposition candidates and supporters,” including “arbitrary arrests and prolonged pre-trial detention,” and was “a vital decision-maker in the killing, arbitrary detention and torture by Ethiopian forces.” He also claims that Tedros has overseen the massacre of Amhara, Konso, Oromo and Somali tribes in Ethiopia. Steinman also cited a 2016 U.S. report on human rights monitoring in Egypt, which said local authorities failed to maintain control of the security forces, while suburban police and militia sometimes acted alone.

In addition, tam kung plug was in October 2017, appointed the notorious dictator Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe (Robert Mugabe) when “goodwill ambassador” help fight non-communicable diseases in Africa, but as a result of alleged human rights violations, Mr Mugabe more lead to collapse of Zimbabwe’s health system, tam kung, a decision that evoke a strong rebound medical professionals and human rights groups, tam kung later had to give up support of Mr Mugabe’s decision.

Tam kung is stuffed tiger turned political elite, in the past he was Ethiopian coalition “Ethiopian people’s revolutionary democratic front (the EPRDF) members, as before the Ethiopian government health minister and foreign minister, was awarded the Nobel peace prize last year, but the current prime minister, o (Abiy Ahmed) came to power in 2018, after the EPRDF also collapse, and split appeared in the welfare of the ruling party and the TPLF, tam kung also join the TPLF subsequently. Since the TPLF rebellion, the Ethiopian government has suspected That Tedros tedros was trying to help the TPLF overthrow the government.