White House advisers say there will be alternative voters for Mr Trump

U.S. electors attend their state’s Electoral College meeting on Wednesday and vote for president based on the results of state elections. With the electoral votes complete, Biden is expected to be confirmed as the 46th president of the United States. But Stephen Miller, a senior White House adviser, said there would be “alternate SLATE of electors” to vote for Mr Trump in contested states.

Under the United States Code, each state’s electoral College votes on the Monday following the second Wednesday of December in an election year to choose a new president or vice president. December 14 of this year is getting a lot of attention.

Thirty-one states plus Washington, D.C., have laws that require electors to vote according to the results of their state elections. Another 17 states have no state laws that restrict electors, meaning they can vote as they like. It is widely expected that voters will not vote in a major event this year and faithless electors will be highly unlikely.

On the morning of the 14th, miller, a senior White House adviser, told Fox News that some electors will vote for President Trump, regardless of the outcome of the state election. ‘In addition to electors who are already on the state electoral college rolls, there will be a group of’ alternative electors’ who will show up to vote in contested states and we will present their results to Congress, ‘he said. This would ensure that the Appeals of the Trump campaign are heeded; When The results of Mr Trump’s re-election are confirmed, these “alternative electors” will be identified.

Mr Miller said Mr Trump still had plenty of time to correct the fraudulent election results, given the constitutional date for the new president to take office on January 20.

Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania should follow suit, and Congress should seize the opportunity to do the right thing, Says Mr Miller. This election would be a Trump victory if only three simple constitutional flaws were fixed, he said.

Under US law, when the votes are counted, the electors must sign their electoral certificate to confirm the result. The electoral college certificate will go to Vice President Mike Pence because the vice president is the president of the Senate. The electoral certificate is also sent to the Office of the Federal Register, the secretaries of state, and the chief justice of the Federal court where the Electoral College is held.

The two houses of Congress will convene January 6 to officially count the electoral votes, and then Vice President Pence will announce the results. The final step is the inauguration on January 20th.