A famous Tibetan doctor named Lausang Can teach you 10 unique meditation techniques

Sedentary people not only went to the doctor less often, but recovered faster even when they were hospitalized.

The emergence of many modern diseases often has a great relationship with “inquietude of mind”. A Line from my boss gave me a job assignment, the TV news broadcast disturbing content, and some rude words from relatives and customers… In daily life, we have too many opportunities to receive sudden mental stimulation, making people almost every second on the tight alert state of war.

‘s new book “Tibetan doctors in lausanne and participate in the meditation, clean heart: 52 weeks training, a year later and perfect themselves to meet” is a small story, there is a beauty to do a lot of good, go to heaven after death, encountered a man wearing white robes white beard long, thought, and this should be a god, and asked him, “strange, I was so nice, tender and kind, how had so hard? Is it not said that a person with a good heart should have a perfect life?” The woman in white pointed to the red wine stain on her clothes and said, “Please worry your head, if you drink too much, you will definitely get High. It is not uncommon to accidentally spill the wine on yourself when you drink too much. So are you saying I’m going to drink or not? Don’t be afraid of getting your clothes dirty. There’s nothing perfect! Be quiet, and you’ll have a drink.” Then the real God appeared and said, “Oh, you are the most long-winded one, and don’t spit on the other side. When I gave you this robe, it was perfect white, and I didn’t want to drink it.” Then he turned to the beautiful woman and said, “I am very fair. What I have created for everyone is perfect, including your perfect life. Why, don’t you see?” This is the joke about “everything worked out for the best”.

Not wake up drunk, confused people, is not to see the perfect. Even if they do, they will mistakenly believe that perfection is not so perfect because of their own wrong views. Can’t see or can’t understand, are very nerve-racking ah! In fact, perfection is impossible to see with the naked eye. It takes heart! Perfection is a temporary loss. We have it all the way. At this point in the tenth week of your mind’s cultivation, Lausanne points out the following 10 meditation steps to calm your mind and find your “perfection”.

Meditations of Doctor Lausanne 10 apostrophe

  1. Let go of your attachment to yourself

It is easy to assert what kind of person you are, such as “I am a neat freak”, “I am so efficient” and “I have a romantic personality”. Once labeled as “I”, it is inevitably self-limiting and constrained. The more the frames are stacked on top of each other, the farther away they are from their true selves. Don’t forget! The real me is very resilient!

Practice meditation regularly

Lausanne, a famous Tibetan doctor, recommended regular meditation. (Photo credit: “Meditation · Pure Heart: 52 weeks of practice, Meeting your Perfect Self a Year later”/Times)

Scientists who studied people who were sedentary found that not only did they go to the doctor less often, but even when they were hospitalized, they recovered faster and, more importantly, were better able to deal with complex emotions. Emotions are like weeds in the sea. It is a little difficult to see through them. It does not mean that people who practice meditation do not have emotions. To be precise, it means that people who practice meditation have a high degree of awareness and sensitivity, know how to guard against indiscretion, and are less likely to be affected by emotions.

  1. Walk regularly and stay grounded every day

Take a walk in the morning and enjoy the setting sun while walking in the evening. Now one person often has to do several people’s work, without training, it is difficult to calm down. But it’s not hard to train. Walking, for example, is good training. Try to walk only one thing at a time. As you walk, you will be happy to find unexpected changes in your body and mind.

4, welcome back to the heart of the small fresh

Clearing out your closet, organizing papers on your desk, even just lining up the bills in your wallet on the same side and tossing out expired coupons can gradually bring a return to calm. Fixing your mind is like planting a vegetable. It is difficult to plant the vegetable itself directly, but by improving the soil, fertilizing and watering, you can make it grow well. The heart that cannot be touched is the same, through the reorganization of the external environment, can also make the inner clear and bright.

  1. Learn to appreciate other people’s characteristics

Get out of the stratosphere and try to reach out to other people from different positions and backgrounds. (Image: Adobe Stock)

Get out of the stratosphere and try to reach out to other people from different positions and backgrounds, without any criticism. As the appreciation of the seven colors of the rainbow, knowing that blue is not superior to red, green is not superior to yellow, try not to compare, do not judge right or wrong. The more you can see the beauty of harmony in the whole, the closer perfection is to you.

  1. Avoid scaring yourself

People worry, worry, afraid of things, in fact, most of the original will not happen. Often delusions of murder, being calculated, with a suspicious filter to see the world, that all people are really evil. Only mindfulness, like a torch, can dispel all kinds of disturbing and terrifying illusions.

  1. Cut the nonsense

Too much talk on the one hand will hurt your energy, on the other hand, too much talk will lead to unhappiness or confusion, and you will have to suffer the consequences. If you can avoid gossip or exaggerating, avoid it. Don’t let nonsense, the original clear as a mirror of the heart lake, stir into muddy water.

Treasure the earth and save money

Environmental protection, simple life, is easy and elegant life. An extravagant, high – profile life is ephemeral and futile. First, let go of greed and contentment, and then open your hands to the blessings of perfection.

  1. Choose your day job

Zoom in, is to choose the right cause, and zoom out, is to do what is good for the environment, good for everyone. If you take selfish interests as the starting point, even if the temporary access to gold and silver mountains, will always feel lonely, nervous. If the mind chooses its profession and its right action out of a benevolent desire not to hurt others, it lives in peace and serenity, which is very near to perfection.

10, good attract good altruistic compassion

The universe is an amazing universe, and as you treat others, so will you be treated yourself. Good attracts good, evil begets evil. If you can think of the best in your head, hope for the best in your heart, always see the good in others, and always lead things in the right direction, what need you to look for? You’re already living life to the fullest.