Factitious what knee aches? 99% of the people don’t know! Exercise your legs regularly. Healthy people live longer

When it comes to knee pain, many people think of the degeneration of cartilage and joints caused by aging. In fact, the earliest problems are not with them, but with tendons and patella, known as the “longevity capstan”.

With the growth of age, liver and kidney begin to be deficient, tendons gradually become soft and get out of the original track, and the pulling force becomes weak, gradually causing bone dislocation. After a long time of friction in the abnormal position, bone hyperplasia, osteoarthritis and a series of diseases are caused. And patella and the tendons around the joint, the role of a fulcrum, so that we can lift the leg to walk, when patella appear softening, often predict the occurrence of knee osteoarthritis.

Long-term movement is inappropriate, knee catch cold, climb stairs and so on May accelerate the senescence of knee winch mechanism, when knee appears early pain, how to relieve pain, delay the occurrence of osteoarthritis?

Apply twice a day to clear collaterals and relieve pain

For early pain around the patella, try this hot compress.

Medicinal materials: Perilla seed, semen Raphani, white mustard seed, evodia officinalis 60 grams each

Practice: four kinds of medicinal materials mixed together, into the gauze bag, wet on the pot steaming 20-30 minutes. Put a towel over the sore knee to prevent scald, and then put the gauze package on the sore spot and apply hot compress twice a day. The package can be heated repeatedly and used. Replace it with a new one when it smells of no medicine.

Efficacy: This hot pack has the functions of warming channels and collaterals, relieving bloating and relieving cold. Moreover, the four kinds of medicinal materials are all small seeds with slow heat dissipation and low price, which are suitable for hot packs.

Do this regularly to keep your knees younger

The degeneration of patella is reversible. By strengthening the training of the front muscles of the thigh, the knee joint can be protected. By practicing this knee joint protection exercise in our spare time, we can help to exercise our muscles and prevent joint diseases.

[Seat lift leg] Sit on a chair with a back, put your hands on one side of your thighs, and slowly lift your legs up, keep your calves straight and hook your feet, hold them up for 5-10 seconds, then slowly lower them down. Take a break and repeat with the other leg.

[Step on the ground] Sit on the chair, take a small step forward with one leg, put your hands on the thigh on this side, press your legs with your waist, step on the ground with your feet firmly, hold for 5-10 seconds, then slowly relax and switch to the other leg.

[Legs struggle] Sit on a chair with legs crossed, lower legs up, upper legs down, and compete with each other. Hold for about 10 seconds and repeat with your legs up and down.

[Lift kneecap training] Lie flat on the bed, roll the towel into a roll and place it in the popliteal socket of the knee joint. First, relax, then press the towel with the knee joint to roll down forcefully. At the same time, bend the toes back, hold on for about 5 seconds to relax, and repeat the action on the other leg.

[Supine leg lift] Lie on the bed with one leg straight on the toe, tighten the thigh muscles in front of the knee joint, slowly lift the leg up to the height higher than the toe of the other leg, hold for 5-10 seconds and put down when the knee joint feels a little sour, rest for 2-3 seconds and change the other leg.

Knee healthy legs are not old, people can live a long and healthy life!

Hot pack with joint exercise, relieve knee pain, protect joint!

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