Failure of judges, prosecutors and politicians would be disastrous

In the face of the American elections that are shaping the course of humanity, judges, prosecutors and politicians of all kinds come in all shapes and forms, from those who speak up for America’s future, to those who fear evil threats or compromise for their own safety, to those who are left behind. History is a mirror that illuminates all kinds of people. Here is a historical allusion to help lost people grasp the future, towards the bright.

In the Western Han Dynasty of China, there was a filial woman named Zhou Qing in Donghai County. She was a widow and had no children. She was always filial to her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law, seeing that she was still young, repeatedly advised her to remarry, but the filial wife refused. Her mother-in-law had pity on her daughter-in-law and did not want to drag her down, so she hanged herself. The little woman is in deep sorrow. But her mother-in-law’s daughter told the government that the filial wife had killed her mother. After the bailiffs of the government arrested the filial wife, the judge turned a deaf ear to her unjust explanation and condescended into action under coercion. According to the Biography of The Female Filial piety, before she was beheaded, the cart was loaded with bamboo poles ten zhangs high and hung with five-flag flags. In front of the onlookers, the filial wife made an oath: “Heaven on earth, god’s truth is manifest. If I have sinned, I must be put to death without forgiveness, having my head cut off and my blood shed to the ground. If I die in vain, my blood will flow against the current. After the executioner executed, the blood of the young woman went straight up the bamboo pole against the current and flowed down the top of the pole again. After the East China Sea county drought for three years, crops withered, no grain harvest, the people bitter call even days. The magistrate was also impeached on the grounds of the case, removed from office, exiled to the border, and received a bad report.

After the arrival of the new judge too, the local father and the old squire were summoned to the palace to inquire about the cause of the drought and the solution. One of the brave and righteous people said: “According to the opinion of old people, that is, the filial woman should not be sentenced to death, the former eunuch unjustly killed her, heaven was furious, just have this disaster. That’s the fault.” It was Yu Gong who tried his best to redress the wrongs done to the filial woman. But some squire questioned, saying: “Zhou Qing was indeed wronged, but it was only zhou Qing who persisted in his own ways, and he was the only one to blame. Why did the whole County of the East China Sea suffer a severe drought, involving all the people? Did the people not kill the filial women?” New too keep listen to, in the heart also unavoidably have doubt. So he ordered people to take the file of Zhou Qing’s case, to personally review it, and then make a judgment.

The new magistrate opened the file and examined the case. Before I know it, it’s getting late. Suddenly he saw two officers coming from the hall, bowing their hands to him and saying, “My emperor, please come to me.” The magistrate followed him involuntarily, but he turned out to be the cheng-god of the county. Cheng Huang God said to him, “When you heard that the new governor asked about the disaster, the king has specially invited you to tell him that what Yu Gong said is true. It is really because the filial woman wronged, so the God of heaven angry, successive years of drought, to warn people. Hearing this, the chief officer handed his hands to Cheng Huang God and asked, “Then the official still has some questions, and he hopes that Cheng Huang God will give him some enlightenment.” ‘and the squire’s problem was addressed.

“Indeed,” answered the God, “the death penalty is imposed on judges who are too despotic and disregard human life. What’s more, as the father and mother official of the people, he should have advocated and praised the filial piety and straightened the folk custom. But he was so wronged to kill the filial woman, framed up good people, so that the people is not right, the decline of the people, moral corruption, people do not speak justice, his crime is very big. Let us not say that his fortune on earth is greatly diminished, that his life is greatly diminished, and that he will go to hell to pay for it after his death. Not only that, but future generations will be involved. Besides, why does the drought threaten the people? This east China Sea county, many people have always known filial piety, know she is wronged, but dare not say a fair word actually keep silent, silent, only to protect themselves, dare not stand up for justice, in fact, have played the role of an accomplice, is called injustice. More people believe that the fatuous judge, that the filial wife really killed her mother-in-law, is that it is unkind. God values the heart above all things. If a man loses his sense of justice, should he not punish him? From this point of view, the entire County of the East China Sea, are guilty. Therefore, the whole county is in great drought, and heaven has eyes. There has never been an unjustified disaster, and natural and man-made disasters are punishing the unjust and unrighteous. God is the most just, everything has a reason.”

The new magistrate heard Nono’s voice again and again, and was very much impressed. He nodded his head repeatedly and said to the God, “The officer understands. The officer knows what to do. I am sincerely taught, thank god!” “When Cheng Huang God heard this, he nodded his approval and ordered the officers to send him back to his house. The warden suddenly fell down and woke up in surprise to find that he had just had a dream. But in my dream I saw again, and the words of Cheng Huang God were still ringing in my ears. Looking at the case of the filial piety, in the mind not sigh: God eye such as electricity, god eye such as electricity which! Heaven heart can not deceive, heaven can not violate the reason ah!

The next day, when it was daylight, the great judge called all the fathers and the gentry again and proclaimed to them the words of cheng-God the God of dreams. After that, I prepared the memorial articles and led all the fathers and the old squire to pay their respects to the filial wife Zhou Qing’s tomb in person. I carved a stone and erected a tablet in front of the tomb to honor her filial virtues and wrote an eulogy to return the filial wife’s innocence. The article also represents the entire East China Sea county of the Li people, sincerely repent and admit mistakes. The ceremony was not over, see the sky instantaneous clouds, immediately began to rain heavily. Donghai county that year weather and rain, get a bumper harvest. And this has been in the filial woman redress the injustice of the Yu Gong, as a result of upholding justice and conscience, dare to speak up, regardless of personal interests, Deze descendants. His son, Yu Ding, as recorded in the Han Dynasty, became the prime minister and was conferred the title of Emperor Yongshi and handed down the title of emperor. This is just a good return ah!

In the face of the unjust case against the filial daughter, God saw that there were three kinds of people. One was those who, like Yu Gong, knew the truth of the matter, insisted on justice and conscience, abandoned their own interests, and dared to speak out in the face of the swamp. The result of such people was repeated blessing, the offspring of Deze. The second is kept quiet about sin, let sin more unbridled, at large, this people may know the truth, but fear of power and the threat to dare not to be fair, even refused to know the truth, listen to a lie directly, eventually helped, to collaborate, it’s like the officials and people familiar with the situation, still escapes when disaster in heaven. The third kind of man was the former chief judge who was judged for his filial piety. The fate of these men was clearly explained in the story, that is, the blessings were greatly diminished, the life expectancy was greatly reduced, and they would go to hell to repay their SINS after they died.

Buddha dhamma said, “Man has no virtue, but natural disasters and man-made disasters. The earth has no virtue, and all things wither. Heaven has no way, the earth cracks heaven collapse, the sky is empty. The law is right, the universe is right, full of vitality, heaven and earth are solid, the law is everlasting “.

The current election fraud in the United States is serious, numerous evidence, some judges, prosecutors, social politicians but turn a blind eye or do not act, the left media stir up trouble, complicity, dangerous ah!

It is natural that good and evil be rewarded. He who goes to heaven prospers, he who goes against heaven dies. The corrupted human being is like a dangerous building full of holes. It is predicted that there will be six stars in a row. The disaster facing mankind is unprecedented. God, the creator of the good man, the great plague is not terrible, the corruption of the human heart is terrible, that is God to give up. God gives every judge, prosecutor, social dignitaries of the natural duty, every person should have a clear conscience, is god’s needs, must not blaspheme god’s will!