Xiaomi Group buys land in Shenzhen for 531 million yuan: will build international headquarters, be neighbors with Tencent and Ali

On the 28th, Xiaomi took a commercial site T107-0092 at a reserve price of 531 million yuan for its Houhai headquarters base, which is located in the heart of Houhai, Nanshan, next to China Resources Shenzhen Bay Ruifu and China Resources Building.

Ali Center, today’s headlines and the Tencent project under construction are all nearby. Shenzhen’s land use right transfer announcement noted that the land sale project contains 28,700 square meters of office, 2,200 square meters of commercial, 1,400 square meters of canteen and 100 square meters of property management rooms, where market information indicates that Xiaomi will set up the international headquarters of the Xiaomi Group and build an international headquarters building.