Identification report: Dominion error rate up to 68%, “Intentionally designed for systematic fraud”

As Nation Reported on Dec. 14, the Allied Security Operations Group’s assessment of county election results in Antrim, Mich., concluded that the Dominion Voting system was “intentionally and purposefully designed to be inherently wrong to be used for systematic fraud and to influence election results.”

They cited “the Dominion voting system error rate observed at 68.05 percent,” although “the federal Election Commission Guidelines allow for one out of 250,000 votes (.0008 percent).” Its investigation focused on Antrym County, where election results were found to be faulty, incorrectly counting thousands of votes for President Donald Trump for Joe Biden.

“This indicates major and fatal errors in security and electoral integrity,” the December 13 report concluded.

The key to the report is the notion that these errors are the result of “machine and/or software errors, not human errors.”

“We concluded that the Dominion Voting system was deliberately and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systematic fraud and influence election results,” EXPLAINED JOSG. The system deliberately produced a large number of ballot errors. The electronic ballot is then transferred to the adjudication. Deliberate errors resulted in a large number of votes being awarded in a process with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail. This leads to voter fraud or election fraud.”