America is demonstrating that water can carry a boat and overturn it

In the turmoil of the US election, a growing number of righteous Americans and patriots have expressed distrust of the existing political system. On December 13, a large number of people gathered in Washington again. In the live reports of the English Grand Master ji Yuan and the New Tang Dynasty, many people were waiting for interviews to express their opinions and to denounce the ineffective American bureaucracy.

After the Supreme Court rejected the Texas lawsuit against four swing states for election fraud, Americans are finally realizing that the entire system of national governance may not be self-correcting. Neither the electoral system, nor the governments, legislatures and courts, can truly govern for the people.

In America today, water can carry a boat, but it can also overturn it. Some politicians and organizations still think they can influence public opinion, but they may not be able to avoid being overturned by public opinion.

History in cycles

In China’s 5,000-year history, similar stories have been repeated for hundreds, or even decades, and dynasties have changed frequently. Compared with the ancient history of China, the United States is a young country. America became independent in 1776. It has only been 244 years since then. Perhaps it is inevitable that the United States will undergo a change of government.

The United States, young as it is, has been given a difficult mission. It has played a vital role in world War II and the Cold War, and now it is once again charged with destroying the Chinese communist regime.

China’s two most recent dynasties, the Ming and Qing, were both 276 years old, and the flourishing Tang dynasty was no more than 300 years old. In volume 1 of The Political System of Zhenguan, compiled by Wu Jing in the Tang Dynasty, it is recorded that, “Once again, the minister heard an old saying: ‘Emperor, zhou is also; People, water is also. Water can carry a boat and it can overturn it. ‘Your Majesty is to be feared, as if by decree.”

This is the Tang Dynasty at the height of zhenguan rule, officials to Taizong admonition. The Chinese civilization has been going on for 5,000 years. When you act in accordance with the will of god, you must be honest with yourself and behave in a benevolent way around the world, with the help of many good ministers. That is to say, there will be a prosperous heaven, a peaceful and happy life, all industries will flourish together, and all nations will be united. On the contrary, when the bad prince in power, do not know or do not believe in the will of Heaven, will be arrogant and luxury, despotic and capricious, there will be a treacherous minister in power, the country declined, the people throughout the land, the industry abandoned, internal and external beacon smoke, will inevitably change the dynasty.

With each change of government, the old political system was basically destroyed and the new political system was rebuilt. In fact, there was no system to rely on during the transition. Everything was dominated by the will of Heaven and the people, and those who carried out the mandate of Heaven would win the people’s hearts and get lots of help, thus creating a new dynasty.

America is at a watershed in its history

In the United States today, the massive occurrence of electoral fraud and the political system’s inaction after the occurrence of fraud, which blatantly ignores the public opinion, actually marks the end of the separation of powers represented by the existing politicians and bureaucracy. The democratic system with the separation of powers may have nothing wrong with it. Just like the imperial government in China’s history, which was constantly reconstituted in the process of dynasty change, the people were changed, the system was still roughly the same, and there may be repeated changes in the details.

As an old Chinese saying goes, “Whoever wins the people wins the world.” Most people are concerned with the transformation of the monarch, the greater transformation, and often the reorganization of the whole system of officials. There is also a folk song in China, “It is better to go home and sell sweet potatoes instead of ruling for the people”, which may be more intuitive and appropriate.

Officials who go against the will of the people and cannot make decisions for the people are actually against the will of Heaven, and such official system is about to be destroyed. America may be on the cusp of such a change.

Of course, those who engaged in electoral fraud, those who tried to promote it, and those who tried to stay safe were among them. Today’s three-power system in the United States, including the fourth power of the media, many of whom are corrupt and corrupt, acting only for their own self-interest, leaving their constituents and their country in total disregard.

Over the past two decades or more, the corrupt and dark forces of the American bureaucracy have been exposed, and more ugliness is believed to remain hidden. More and more people are waking up to the fact that the real mastermind behind Antifa’s communist movement is probably the Communist regime.

The left forces in the United States think they are strong enough to influence and ignore public opinion, and at the risk of treason, they will continue to occupy the power center of American politics with the intention of removing the Trump team who will defend the people. All eyes are on America on the eve of great change.

Rapid transition to a new system

The American political and bureaucratic system today is not unlike the one that lingered at the end of any dynasty in Chinese history. Puyi, the last emperor of China, was willing to go to the Puppet Manchukuo fostered by Japan to continue to dream of being emperor. In Chinese history, which one will not go, which one will not come, and which one will live forever?

Similar calculations by the American left are being dashed by history. These include not only a large number of Democrats, but also a number of Republicans. With the Democratic Party openly embracing socialism, many are naturally more easily infiltrated by the Communist Party; The Republican mainstream openly rejects socialism, making it harder for the Communist Party to infiltrate, but human frailties can also be exploited.

The political system in the United States today, or is in the midst of a change of government, is more providentially reflected in the popularity of the world. Now that a corrupt, ineffective and ineffectual bureaucracy is no longer in charge of the people, God will install a popular man who will dismantle the old system and rebuild the new one.

The separation of powers has been maintained or changed, but the people who have taken over are already a different set of people with both integrity and competence. Another group of truly civil servants will take America into a new history.

The transition from the old system to the new is, of course, an extraordinary period, but often arranged in an orderly fashion, and it is now clear to the American public that the forces of justice are gathering, and that such a transition may soon be completed.

On the other side of the ocean, China, along with the great transformation of the United States, is also entering a historical turning point. In ’71, the Red Dynasty knew that it had no way out, but if it tried to survive, how could it influence the United States? As long as the US completes its transition quickly, the Chinese communist regime could collapse and America’s greatest threat would be solved.

The communist Party of China red dynasty, afraid of no longer fantasy hundred years, the former Soviet Union is also 70 years to die. Established in 1921, the communist Party of China (CPC) is uncertain whether it will survive its 100 years in 2021.

The history that the forerunner already deduces, just as the play opens afresh, a new era of mankind is at present!