Cirrhosis of the liver after 3 years of mild fatty liver is caused by doing two things wrong and a lot of people get it

“It’s just a mild fatty liver, who knew it would…”

Mr Li is 45 years old this year, be in the prime of life, 3 years ago unit body examination comes out mild fatty liver, the doctor suggests him diet is delicate, eat the food of heavy oil and salt less, want compensatory vitamin more.

At the beginning, Mr. Li was able to follow the doctor’s advice and strictly arrange his diet, but after a period of time, he felt it was too troublesome and not pleasant, and he could not eat what he wanted. In addition, his body seemed to be unchanged, so he slowly relaxed and resumed his previous diet of heavy oil and salt.

In addition, Li has a habit of having midnight snacks before going to bed, usually barbecue, seafood and other foods, which have not changed in decades.

Mr Li is so “licentious” 3 years, weight number is bigger and bigger, waist circumference is thicker also, result checked to the hospital last month, the doctor tells its fatty liver has developed liver cirrhosis, need to treat in time.

When Mr. Li heard the result, he felt anxious and regretful, and kept asking the doctor whether it could be reversed.

Doctors are frustrated: once fibrous sclerosis has occurred in liver tissue, it is difficult to “reverse” it.

The incidence of fatty liver in China is on the rise

At present, the incidence of fatty liver disease in China is gradually rising, has become the second largest liver disease, ranking first is viral hepatitis.

The epidemiological survey shows that the incidence of fatty liver in China is about 18%, and the incidence of fatty liver in jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai reaches 20%. The incidence of fatty liver in China has reached 234 million.

And the incidence of fatty liver is showing a younger trend, the average age of onset is 40 years old, about 30 years old group is also increasing.

The incidence rate of fatty liver disease among obese and type 2 diabetes patients reached 50%, and the incidence rate of insomnia, fatigue, gastrointestinal dysfunction and other sub-healthy groups also reached 60%.

Look from occupation type, white-collar, self-employed, driver, the middle-level above of each occupation management personnel comes on quantity most.

Why does fatty liver arise?

The formation of fatty liver and eat and drink have a direct relationship, long-term drinking, can induce alcoholic fatty liver.

And with the improvement of modern living conditions, high-fat diet, fried foods and overeating, will lead to the production of fatty liver.

Excessive intake of fat brings too much pressure to the liver, further leading to apolipoprotein is difficult to export the fat, all accumulated in the liver, excessive, fatty liver will be formed.

On the other hand, excessive dieting can also lead to malnutrition, the body at this time in order to ensure the normal functioning of the body, will allocate other areas of fat, further increase the content of free fatty acids in the serum. The lack of apolipoprotein also prevents the fat from being transported out, leading to fatty liver disease.

So, bad dietary habit and drink alcohol, do not exercise, it is the fundamental inducement that causes fatty liver to appear.

Fatty liver is not treated

Some people may think that fatty liver usually does not have any discomfort and ignore it, life is still going its own way, this idea is extremely wrong.

Fatty liver is a disorder of the liver’s lipid metabolism, which can exacerbate liver damage. Although liver is very strong, but liver cell is damaged also cannot stand to toss about frequently, the fatty liver that does not take control, can evolve gradually become steatohepatitis.

At this stage of development, the next step is liver cell damage, if serious, will gradually evolve into cirrhosis, and in the patients with cirrhosis, some of the patients will eventually become liver cancer.

Therefore, it can be considered that fatty liver is a starting point of liver disease. If we don’t pay attention to it from the starting point, the evolution of liver disease can’t be reversed in the future. From fatty liver to inflammation and even cirrhosis, this is a progressive relationship of progressive exacerbations.

Warning: Mild fatty liver can be reversed

However, doctors warn that mild fatty liver disease can be reversed, but only if the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Diet control

The daily calorie intake of patients with fatty liver should be reduced by 500 to 1000 kcal, appropriate vegetables and fruits should be taken in, and the intake of fat, protein and various sugars should be reduced. In addition, the staple food is mainly coarse grains.

However, this does not require us to eat a vegetarian diet. Complete vegetarian diet may easily lead to malnutrition. For a long time, the amount of carrier protein synthesized by the liver is insufficient to support the operation of body fat, and fatty liver will be aggravated instead.

For “don’t eat dinner can reverse the fatty liver” idea, we will promptly correct, because do not eat dinner can be regarded as a kind of intermittent break feed, easy to cause hypoglycemia, people are more likely to palpitate, hand shake, blacked out even syncope, if go down for a long time, lack of nutrition, immunity and resistance will decline, increase the risk.

Adhere to the movement

Patients with fatty liver disease should keep exercising, moderate intensity aerobic exercise should be maintained for about 30 minutes every day, and the amount of exercise should be guaranteed for 5 days a week. High-intensity exercise can be reduced to a modest 20 minutes a day.

In addition to diet control and exercise, patients should quit smoking and drinking alcohol, and do regular physical examinations.

Serum biochemical examination and b-ultrasonography of liver are the methods to detect liver.

How is medium and severe fatty liver treated?

If fatty liver develops liver function abnormality or it is the stage that transaminase rises, need to take medicine to treat under the guidance of the doctor.

Drug treatment should target the cause, such as alcoholic fatty liver disease, or abstain from alcohol. If it is caused by diabetes, hypertension, obesity and other fatty liver, it needs active treatment for the cause.

In addition to removing the cause of the disease, it is necessary to actively treat the damage to the liver caused by the development of the disease. Currently, a variety of liver-protecting drugs can become effective auxiliary drugs. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the damage caused by drugs to liver function and metabolism, so as to achieve a balance between treatment and protection.

Generally speaking, mild fatty liver can be alleviated and reversed through daily conditioning, and comprehensive treatment measures should be developed for those with relatively serious disease.

To protect the liver is to protect our future health. For healthy people, we can effectively prevent fatty liver from knocking on the door by controlling our mouth in advance, taking more exercise and avoiding excessive drinking.