Kiwi lost! Vitamin C is the most effective anti-aging pill

As people health consciousness awakening, convenient to take care of food also becomes one of the choice for the busy modern people compensatory nutrition, however, many expensive loosely healthy food, maintain article buy two cans of well, a long-term eating down pocket must be frozen, not even some rose item want to buy can’t buy, need to run to the store to buy the distance, already LaoMin ShangCai again. Japanese professional anti-aging doctors pointed out that in fact, there is a widely available, affordable nutritional supplements, may help combat aging!

Japanese anti – old doctor recommended! Vitamin C is cheap and effective against aging

Many people are taking supplements to stave off aging and get younger, said Akira Sawada, an orthopedic surgeon and specialist in anti-aging medicine at Tokyo Police Hospital. Saeda stresses that supplements are meant to help supplement what is lacking in the diet, and that proper use may help fight disease and prevent aging. As a physician who specializes in fighting aging, his most recommended supplement is vitamin C, which is relatively easy to obtain and cheap.

Sawada recommends vitamin C for the following reasons:

It has strong anti-oxidation effect and is safe

According to Sawada, one of the reasons for aging is that too much reactive oxygen in the body damages cells, which tends to accelerate aging. Vitamin C has a strong antioxidant effect, and many studies have pointed out that a strong antioxidant effect can help slow aging.

The Institute of Health and Longevity Medical Center in Tokyo, an independent local administrative body, also conducted a study on the relationship between aging and vitamin C, and found that mice with insufficient vitamin C lived for only six months, a full 75 percent less than normal mice with 24 months. And the mice that died of vitamin C deficiency did not die from disease, but from aging symptoms such as weight loss and organ atrophy, so the team thinks vitamin C deficiency may be directly related to aging.

In addition, vitamin C deficiency may be associated with symptoms of aging, such as hard of hearing, cataracts, and lung congestion, according to the Institute of Health and Longevity Medical Center.

According to Sawada, vitamin C is safe and effective, as well as helping to make collagen and maintain skin’s elasticity.

Cheap and easy to get

‘Many supplements, while potentially effective in research, are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them in the long run,’ says Dr. Sawada. ‘Vitamin C is very cheap, effective against aging and very easy to buy, making it a particularly recommended supplement.’

Eat food to add vitamin C first, insufficient reoccupy nutrition supplement is compensatory

Saeda recommends that 100mg of vitamin C a day be sufficient. Since vitamin C is water-soluble and is easily excreted in the urine, some people may be able to get 1,000 to 2,000 mg without any problems. However, it is recommended that adequate amounts should be taken daily because of the impact on their wallets.

Dozens of milligrams of vitamin C a day may help prevent scurvy, according to the Institute of Health and Longevity Medical Center. While 100mg a day may have health benefits, the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan recommends that the average adult consume between 100 and 2,000 mg a day. However, it is quite difficult to fill 100mg of vitamin C through food alone. It is recommended to take foods with high vitamin C content first, such as guava, saint cherry tomato, orange, etc., and then combine them with nutritional supplements.

The following common vitamin C-rich ingredients are for your reference, but may vary depending on the variety:

The ingredients

Vitamin C per 100g


About 80 mg

The pineapple

About 78 mg

Kiwi fruit

About 76 mg

Cherry tomatoes

About 67 mg


About 58 mg


About 38 mg


About 34 mg


About 31 mg