How do gray hair appear? 7 kinds of gruel to help you improve if you want grey hair to turn black

Tonifying kidney and raising blood, to eat more black food, most of the black food has the effect of tonifying kidney, common such as black sesame, black rice, black beans, and some health porridge can also help raise hair, kidney and blood.

According to the law of human growth, older hair will naturally turn gray, but if the young appear a lot of gray hair, it needs to find out the reason and conditioning. The healthy condition of the hair and our kidney health have a concern, kidney qi deficient or qi and blood insufficiency is easy to cause the symptom such as gray hair, hair, so fundamentally speaking, want white hair to become black, the most main is to raise kidney to enrich blood, only the qi and blood complement in the body enough, the hair slowly will restore the healthy state.

  1. Chinese wolfberry and lotus seed porridge

Put Chinese wolfberry and lotus seed into water together after soaking for an hour or so pick up together with japonica rice into the pot add water porridge, the effect of this porridge is to enrich the kidney nourishing the liver, can play the role of hair care.

Congee of Polygonum multiflorum

Practice is to put polygonum multifolium into the pan after decocting medicine juice, with japonica rice, red jujube boiled together into porridge after adding brown sugar seasoning edible. Polygonum multiflora has the effect of tonifying liver and kidney and nourishing essence of blood. It can improve the condition of early white hair and can also treat many symptoms such as insomnia and dizziness. It is very suitable for people with white hair and dry hair to eat.

  1. SangRen porridge

The mulberries were washed and cooked into porridge with japonica rice, and flavoured with rock sugar. The main effect of this porridge is to nourish the liver and kidney, which can nourish the blood and improve the eyesight. It has therapeutic effect on hair turning white, dizziness and eye paste caused by deficiency of liver and kidney blood.

  1. Sesame porridge

Black sesame is the commonly used ingredients to enrich the kidney, will be dried and fried black sesame ground and cooked porridge with japonica rice to eat, can play the role of nourishing the liver and kidney, moisten the five viscera, and moisten the role of smooth bowel, very suitable for early white hair, gastrointestinal qi stagnation of the patient to eat.

  1. Seven treasures health porridge

Seven treasure health porridge materials include black rice, black sesame, job’s tears, lily, black beans, peanuts, rice, brown sugar and so on, the practice is a night ahead of the black rice, black beans, job’s tears and rice soak well, and then put the materials together into the pot to boil porridge, boil good after adding an appropriate amount of brown sugar seasoning can be eaten. This porridge can enrich the kidney and blood, nourish the face and beauty, often eat can make white hair black.

Porridge with black hair and black hair

Put black sesame, black bean, peach kernel, cinnamon, pine nut kernel and jujube into the pot to cook porridge together with rice. It can nourish liver and blood, and is suitable for deficiency of liver and kidney, deficiency of qi and blood and other symptoms.

  1. Walnut, sesame and red rice porridge

After the red rice porridge, add red dates, Chinese wolfberry boil for a few minutes, then put walnuts and sesame powder continue to boil, add rock sugar for seasoning mix well can. This porridge has the effect of tonifying kidney and fixing essence, moistening bowel to defecate and so on, it has better therapeutic effect to the early birth of white hair.

Although now popular so-called grandma ash or dyed hair, but young gray-haired heralds the body not healthy, so to find out the reason, treatment, conditioning, again, of course, also have be prematurely grey may be genetic factors, if through professional doctor diagnose the body without any problems, so this kind of situation can only rely on dye hair to white hair black, if because of liver and kidney qi and blood lead to problems such as white hair early birth, still need to early treatment, can also often drink described above a few undertake recuperating health porridge, insist for a long time the effect is much better.