Trump announces… Republican Whip: Joe Biden not elected yet

The 2020 US presidential election is a blatant fraud by the Democratic Party, the evidence of complicit capital, media and deep government is solid, the current judicial system is unable to maintain fairness and justice, the call for President Trump to imitate Lincoln is growing louder. What is the difference between the danger facing the United States now and the civil War? Can military martial law seize the moral high ground?

Both President Trump and the House Republican Whip said in interviews that legal challenges are still ongoing.

Lynwood’s attorney says president Trump should declare martial law if the court rejects his claim of election fraud in Joe.

On the eve of the Electoral College vote, Trump declared that the legal battle is not over

On the eve of the Electoral College vote, Trump declared that the legal battle is not over. In an appearance on Fox News Sunday morning, Trump said that even if the Supreme Court rejects Texas’s case against several swing states, he still has other legal challenges ahead.

Here: Donald Trump attends the Army-Navy football game at West Point on December 12.

Trump said widespread election fraud robbed him of a second term. “We have proven electoral fraud, but not a single judge has the courage, including the Supreme Court. I’m so disappointed in them.” “No judge, including the Supreme Court of the United States, has the courage to hear this case,” Trump said.

But Trump has said he will continue to challenge the election results. “No, it’s not over yet. We will move forward. We have a lot of cases at the local level.

Lynwood: If the courts reject election fraud, Trump should declare martial law

Friday 11 in the United States Supreme Court refused to accept the Texas v. after four swing states, trump legal team of famous lawyers, Lin wood lawyer next Saturday 12 accept News limit (News MaxTV) said in an interview, he hopes in the Supreme Court for Georgia’s secretary of state, Mr Salsberg (Brad Raffensperger) of the complaint, can get a court hearing, but if the courts continue to refuse to hear the election fraud related cases, he believes President trump may need to be declared martial law.

He said, “the premise of my case is very simple, I think November 3 (Georgia) election is illegal and unconstitutional because the absentee ballots in the election ballot program is secretary of state, berg in 2020, according to its march in the backroom deals with Democrats, so they changed the absentee voting procedures; However (under Georgia’s constitution) states cannot change the process of a federal election without the permission of the state legislature. So that election was illegal, the re-vote that followed was illegal, and the second general election that they planned for January 5th was illegal.”

He went on to say, “I think the case is sound, and I hope the High Court accepts it.”

Lynwood says he’s suing as a voter in Georgia.

The Supreme Court dismissed Texas Attorney General Ke Paxton’s suit against the four swing states not because the case was untenable but because the court found the suit to be weak, Mr. Linwood said.

“If the U.S. Supreme Court does not act, someone concerned about the state of the rule of law in the United States must act, and that is President Trump,” Lynwood added. If the Supreme Court does not act, I think the president should declare martial law and postpone the electoral College vote. Because we cannot allow this country to have a general election that is fraudulent and illegal on a massive scale. This country must have a credible election, and the Electoral College should not vote for the next president until we have resolved these issues.”

House GOP whip: The legal battle is still going on, and Biden is not yet elected

House Republican Whip Steve Scalise said Sunday that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is still not the president-elect because legal challenges to election-fraud laws in key battleground states are still ongoing and a conclusion must be reached.

Scalise also said he continues to support Trump’s team in challenging the outcome of the election, despite the Electoral College vote scheduled for December 14.

Steve Scalise, the Republican whip in the U.S. House of Representatives

In an interview on Sunday, Chris Wallace, the leftwing host of Fox News Sunday, repeatedly urged Scalise to recognize Biden as president, but Scalise said the president has done nothing illegal by challenging the outcome of the election in a legal process. He said the election should be open to legal challenges. During Bush v. Gore, the Supreme Court finally settled the case.

Sculley said, “there will be a final conclusion, but now, I think, if you just don’t consider the fact that the millions of people want to know why in some states – big states like Florida, Texas – they are () election night before 10 o ‘clock in the evening there will be a result, and then in other states require a few days and weeks, in this a few days and a few weeks, you see a massive vote, it will plant the seeds of a lot of distrust. This must be addressed.

Scalise also said, “Let the legal process work. If you want to restore the trust of millions of people who are still very frustrated and angry about what has happened, you have to make the whole [legal] system work. A president will be sworn in on January 20 th. But let’s let the legal process take care of itself.”

Donald Trump should follow Lincoln’s lead and stage America’s greatest show

Recently, Chinese-American commentator Liu Zhongliang published an article, pointing out that history now gives Trump the same great historical opportunity as The Lincoln era. Next, people will see the real drama of America.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday declined to hear a case brought by Texas against the results of the 2020 elections in four key states. In addition, trump’s team and supporters have won only one of the dozens of lawsuits filed, and all but a handful of ongoing lawsuits have been dismissed.

With massive electoral fraud, a collectively unfair media and a lack of justice in the judiciary, the anger of the American people is growing. Now, a growing number of Americans are calling on Trump to take special actions, including martial law, catching fraudsters, re-electing him and becoming a wartime president. American militias are also preparing, and the “We the People’s Assembly” is again calling for martial law and fresh elections.

On December 1, the US right-wing Organization “We the People’s Congress” published a manifesto in the Washington Times claiming that the election fraud was “a clear, blatant and huge case of rebellion” that required special powers to defend the United States. The declaration strongly calls for Trump to impose martial law, as Lincoln did during the Civil War, and for the military to oversee a nationwide re-vote. The declaration also cited Lincoln’s approach as proof of their call for Trump to conduct counterinsurgency.

● Lincoln ordered the closure of hundreds of northern newspapers that opposed him and the arrest of their owners and editors.

● Lincoln ordered the arrest of Congressman Clement of Ohio. Vallandijam, for speaking out against him.

● U.S. Chief Justice Roger Taney ruled that Lincoln violated the U.S. Constitution by illegally suspending habeas corpus. Lincoln listened to this, signed an arrest warrant and arrested the chief justice of the United States.

● Lincoln ordered thousands of arrests in Maryland for “suspected sympathy with the South,” including the arrest of Congressman Henry May from Maryland. They were arrested without trial and held in military prisons, some of them for several years.

The declaration states: “Although these measures are still debated today, no one disagrees that Lincoln’s duty was to use the powers of the Presidency to save the Republic. Throughout history, even former President Obama thought Lincoln might be our greatest president, but few would have agreed when he took these actions. Then, as now, it took a president with the courage and determination to preserve the Union. The international and domestic (far left) threats facing the United States today are far more serious than those faced by Lincoln and throughout history, including the Civil War.”

Liu zhongliang pointed out that the current CONSTITUTIONAL legal system in the United States cannot address electoral fraud.

Because the judicial judgment is in accordance with the principle of “presumption of innocence”, the requirements for evidence are very strict. Therefore, this Democratic Party’s massive election fraud, the vast majority of fraud can not be resolved through judicial means! Just as 10,000 people cheat, only a few hundred are legally convicted. Just as there are 10 million fraudulent votes, there can be no more than 1 million illegal votes. What is justice and justice about such a legal outcome?

What’s more, the destroyed or abandoned votes supporting Trump and the Republican Party cannot be counted at all. How can justice be brought back through judicial means? Even after the arrest of some of the party’s most corrupt lieutenant-generals, the rigging was rigged to benefit from electoral fraud. As a result, can US justice give Trump justice? Not at all!

Under an executive order issued on September 12, 2018, Trump could declare a state of emergency in response to election fraud and foreign interference in the U.S. election, and then invoke the Counterinsurgency Act to use the military for mass arrests of traitors.

Then comes the darkest hour for America, the darkest hour before the dawn. It is not Trump who chooses to do so, but history forces Trump to do so. Just like in 1861, it was not Lincoln who declared war first, but his opponent who declared war first. This time the Democrats and the capital, the media and the deep government’s dirty trick is to be the first to declare “war”! Trump, like Lincoln, chose to “fight”!

Liu Zhongliang believes that the United States has locked the power of the presidency in a cage, but has not locked the power of capital, media and deep government, leading them to conduct a “coup” through election fraud. Next, history has given Trump an opportunity to lock in capital, media, and deep government power!