Chinese Communist spy case and Zhai Dongsheng’s speech fester in the U.S.

Recently, NPC professor Zhai Dongsheng’s speech exposing himself to the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration of the United States went viral. Immediately afterwards, the U.S. media revealed a case of a female Chinese Communist spy seducing a U.S. dignitary, triggering a new sensation. The combination of these two events in the election fraud case shows the seriousness of the danger of the Chinese Communist Party and the significance of President Trump’s investigation of the truth.

How many American elites serve the Chinese Communist Party?

On December 7, Fox News host Tucker Carlson played a clip of Zhai Dongsheng’s speech on which he discussed the issue of “our elites working for the Chinese Communist Party. Carlson questioned, “Who are they and how many of them work in our media and our government?” He also said that the Chinese professor confirmed Hunter Biden’s ties to Beijing.

On Dec. 8, President Trump retweeted Carlson’s story, whose tweet received more than 4.3 million views, 62,000 retweets, 160,000 likes and more than 12,000 comments.

In his speech that day, Zhai reminds himself that he needs to be careful about the scale and mentions “political correctness,” which means he is not just talking out of his ass. After the video went viral on the Internet, it was quickly deleted by the Chinese Communist Party, reflecting the authenticity and sensitivity of the content.

Zhai Dongsheng’s “explosive theory” is threefold: First, in the decades before 2016, the CCP’s ability to “quarrel with the U.S. at the end of the bed” was due to “path dependence” –We have people at the top, we have our old friends in the US power inner circle!”

Second, Hunter Biden’s Global Foundation is backed by the Chinese Communist Party, saying, “There’s a deal here.”

Third, the Chinese Communist Party can’t handle Trump, and Wall Street is trying to help the Chinese Communist Party in the trade war, but it can’t handle the current president either.

In addition, Zhai Dongsheng cited an example involving specific people and places. It was before Xi Jinping’s visit to the U.S. in 2015, when a Chinese Communist Party ministry planned to hold an event at a famous political and prose bookstore in Washington, D.C., in order to build momentum. Zhai Dongsheng was instructed to go to the bookstore to negotiate, but the owner refused to cooperate, breaking the NPC professor’s belief that “there is nothing the U.S. dollar can’t handle”. Later, an elderly Jewish woman, the Asian president of a top Wall Street financial institution, stepped in and pressured the owner to settle the matter. The president told Zhai Dongsheng, she has Chinese citizenship and Beijing household registration, in the Chang’an Street side of a set of courtyard, he is welcome to go to tea later.

Zhai Dongsheng said that China does not allow dual citizenship, so he was initially puzzled by the multiple nationalities of the female president, “she is such an old lady is impossible to give up dual citizenship of the United States and Israel for Chinese citizenship …… I immediately understood that this is our Chinese people old friends. ” Apparently, the Chinese Communist Party violated its own nationality law for the sake of this “old friend”.

This story is quite frightening. The Wall Street elite actually helped the CCP to accomplish a propaganda mission, and she is not only an economic agent of the CCP in the United States, but also a political agent. When Zhai Dongsheng asked her about her “success story,” she used the word “reasoning. Zhai told the audience that this reminded him of the scene in the movie “The Godfather” where the Mafia cuts off the head of a horse to threaten its opponents. It is evident that what the NPC professor could not settle with money, the U.S. agent of the Chinese Communist Party can use alternative methods to deal with.

Carlson is not the only one who has questions, but all American people should ask: How many American politicians, officials, media people, technology giants, financial moguls, education executives, representatives of the overseas community, etc. are working for the Chinese Communist Party? Are the agreements, deals and policies they facilitate aimed at supporting the CCP and at the expense of U.S. interests?

Behind the Seduction of Female Communist Spies

On December 8, AXIOS reported exclusively on a Chinese Communist spy case in which Christine Fang from mainland China appeared in California in 2011 as a foreign student who was president of the Chinese student union at her school and maintained close ties with the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco.

Over the next four years, Fang became active in political circles in the California Bay Area and across the U.S., hobnobbing with many politicians and having sex with U.S. officials on at least two occasions, one of whom was the mayor of an Ohio city. in mid-2015, Fang suddenly returned to China after being investigated by the FBI and has since disappeared.

According to AXIOS, one of Fang’s main targets was California Congressman Eric Swalwell (D). When they first met, Swalwell was just a city councilman. Fang Fang helped him rise to prominence by raising money for his campaign. Swalwell became a member of Congress in 2013 and was later appointed to the House Intelligence Committee, where he also served as the chief Democrat on the CIA’s oversight subcommittee and held top U.S. secrets.

On Dec. 8, Business Insider commented in a related story, “Fang Fang’s story shows China’s [the Chinese Communist Party’s] strategy of targeting rising political stars and exerting influence over them during their progressively more visible years.”

On the same day, the SCENE News website published an article titled “Which Ohio mayor had sex with a Chinese Communist spy in his car under FBI surveillance?” The reporter wrote, “That’s the question that has Ohio politicians and political reporters nervous and excited today, and speculation is flying.”

Swoffell’s office has been closed to interviews since the media broke the Fang Fang story, dismissing media questions about “whether you had a physical relationship with Fang,” saying the issue was a “confidential” file. On December 9, Swalwell spoke on CNN and Politico, not clarifying his relationship with Fang Fang, but questioning the “suspicious” timing of the revelation. His reaction is similar to the Biden camp’s claim that the “Hard Drivegate” scandal was “Russian disinformation. He did not dare to deny it in a straightforward manner, but he must have a ghost in his heart.

In a Dec. 9 interview with Fox News, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said that “this is just the tip of the iceberg” and that “the Chinese Communist Party spies at the mayor level. “(The Chinese Communist Party) helped a city councilman become a member of Congress. This congressman is now on the intelligence committee.” He argued that Swalwell should be expelled from the House Intelligence Committee and also expelled from the House of Representatives.

Trump’s Countering of the CCP and the U.S. Election

The above two examples reveal the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration tactics: vertical and horizontal layout, top to bottom, extensive contacts, and years of deep work. The long arm of the Chinese Communist Party has reached out to the top secret intelligence of the United States and the U.S. election. Previously, the U.S. Congress, several media outlets and independent investigative agencies released several investigative reports that deeply exposed the operation of the CCP’s United Front agencies in the U.S., dissected the instrumental functions of the Confucius Institute and the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA), and pointed out the reality that many fields such as education, journalism, police, and overseas Chinese communities are also infiltrated by the CCP.

The CCP often offers money and beauty as bait to those it wants to woo, and the “benefits” they receive become a lever for future coercion. Hunt and Swalwell are both in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, so Joe Biden does not dare to offend the Chinese Communist Party, saying “they are good people.

President Trump’s warning that the Chinese Communist Party would own the United States if Biden were elected was no joke. Fortunately, a large number of American voters have realized that Biden is a puppet of Beijing and that the leftist Democratic Party, once in power, will take the United States to an irreversible socialist peril.

In this election, the voting system used in nearly 30 U.S. states was revealed to be remotely manipulated, and millions of votes may have been tampered with, behind which the Chinese Communist Party was at work. In addition, sources revealed that a printing factory in Guangdong has been forging fake ballots for three U.S. states since July this year, and then importing the ballots into the U.S. through a third country. Therefore, people from all walks of life are saying “no” to the Chinese Communist Party by calling for “stop stealing elections” and demanding fair elections.

President Trump’s four-year hard line against the Chinese Communist Party has proven to be correct, necessary, timely and successful. The move to “drain the Washington swamp” includes removing politicians paid by the CCP and getting rid of Wall Street elites who “colluded” with the CCP. Those who have fallen into the CCP’s trap, including politicians and businessmen, even if they did not participate in the election fraud, are anxious to get into power so that they can collectively profit later. Therefore, the investigation of election fraud will completely unveil the dark secret of corruption on a large scale, which will help restore the integrity of the political arena and maintain law and order.

The company’s main goal is to make sure that the company’s products and services are available to the public. The U.S. media immediately disclosed the spy case after President Trump retweeted Fox’s program, obviously echoing the momentum, really is God help Trump.