Why Silicon Valley and Wall Street bet on Biden Li Zhenghao: Trump decoupled China broke the way to make money

Li Zhenghao pointed out in “94 to Tell” that Trump’s decoupling from China has cut off Wall Street’s “way to make money.

A speech by Renmin University professor Zhai Dongsheng revealed that the Chinese Communist Party has penetrated into the powerful inner circle of the United States through its “old friends” on Wall Street. Political commentator Li Zhenghao explains why Wall Street chose to bet on Biden during the U.S. election, because Trump’s decoupling from China cut off their “way of making money. (See video at 54:42) at https://youtu.be/BnRVIwHEg94

Lee pointed out on the live webcast program “94 to Complain” that for Wall Street, “there is no American interest first, only the interest of their respective companies”. However, for Trump, the money is being earned by Wall Street, but it is the people of the Midwest, the blue-collar class of America, who are losing their jobs, and these people are the source of Trump’s votes.

In addition, Li Zhenghao said that some second-generation politicians in the United States do not have any education, they run to Wall Street companies to hang a vice president, so as to pull connections with the local. The amount of money raised by Biden was far ahead of Trump’s, as people from Silicon Valley and Wall Street bet heavily on Biden, as can be seen from the election fundraising.

But why has Wall Street been slow to get Trump? Li Zhenghao explained, because Trump from beginning to end did not have to take into account the interests of Wall Street, a lot of Wall Street will speculate in China hot money, Silicon Valley very many companies are making money in China, but Trump is decoupled from China.