Did Putin mispay after all? Once a good friend of mine went straight “backwards” and signed a military agreement with Ukraine

FYI: Since Ukraine’s breakup with Russia, relations have been poor and even the United States has used this reason to impose sanctions on Russia. Ukraine has been seeking help from the European Union to provide itself with some weapons and increase its military power. Originally Russia was able to restrict Ukraine to death, but no one expected the Asian powerhouse to just turn on them.

Turkey reaches agreement with Ukraine

According to CYN, Turkish leader Erdogan and Ukraine signed a military agreement, the two sides will further strengthen exchanges especially in the military, which the Ukrainian leader is very satisfied. Erdogan has repeatedly stated that Ukraine is uniquely positioned geographically and can be very important. After signing the agreement, the two sides will be able to deepen cooperation, which will be beneficial for both sides.

Turkish-Russian relations break down

Turkey and Russia have always had very good relations because Turkey had a falling out with the U.S. and therefore did not get the F-35 developed by the U.S. In this case, Turkey was only able to increase cooperation with Russia and procured the S-400 anti-missile system from Russia.

Russia and Turkey relations can be said to be very good, the outside world knows that Russia and Ukraine can be said to be “incompatible”, did not think that Turkey this time directly with Russia’s arch rival Ukraine signed a cooperation agreement, is Putin after all still wrong to pay. It can be said that Erdogan’s move is completely in the challenge of Russia’s bottom line, which will make the relationship between the two sides in a stalemate, and may even be angry.

Turkey Supports Azerbaijan

Since Russia is currently reconciling the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the Turkish side has openly pledged itself to support Azerbaijan and help it regain the Naka region. The Russian side has also been pressuring Azerbaijan for a ceasefire and not to continue the conflict, which has caused a rift in the relationship because of this issue. The positions of the two sides are completely different, and if Azerbaijan invades the Armenian stronghold, Russia is bound to send troops to help, and then it could very well turn into a conflict between Turkey and Russia.

According to the analysis, Russia has been very restrained, even though Turkey has declared it externally. But Russia still hasn’t sent troops, and he doesn’t want a stalemate in relations with Turkey. But Erdogan didn’t buy it at all, instead he repeatedly sounded off Armenia and supported Azerbaijan. And Erdogan also touched Putin’s bottom line, which is that it said it would always support Ukraine over the territorial sovereignty of Crimea, which is why the two sides would clash in the first place.

It must be said that Turkey is turning over faster than it is turning out, having fallen out with the United States before, and now with Russia, and not knowing who it will fall out with after that, there is almost no room for reconciliation between Russia and Turkey at the moment.