There is nothing romantic about life in remote areas.

I’d like to briefly talk about Dingzhen.

It’s not that I want to rub other people’s nose in it, but it’s just that I read the phrase “a pair of eyes that have never experienced Scholasticism or Olympiad” and thought it was too much nonsense.


It is true that Ding Zhen is quite handsome and pleasant to look at.

But there are many young men in China who can look so handsome even after dressing up; there are also many people who can show that kind of innocent eyes in front of the camera. The popularity is largely due to the romantic filter that he added himself.

Is the innocence of the eyes really innocence? We don’t know.

Is Ding really not as innocent a guy as you think he is? Probably, but more likely not. He’s probably just an ordinary young man.

When someone looked up an old photo of Ding Zhen, wearing a gold ring and holding up his middle finger, some netizens cringed, saying how he had a “gangster look” that was an illusion. A young man with a gold ring and a middle finger, is it strange? What’s with the gangly look?

I think a guy who lives to be 20 and has never given the middle finger is weird, right?

All are illusions.


It’s nonsense to say that Ding has “eyes that have never experienced learning and mathematics” at first glance.

Is Ding’s eyes really that unique? I don’t see it.

If he were to put on normal human clothes and sit face to face with you in Starbucks, would you find his eyes very unique? It’s just that I think they are good kids who are easy on the eyes.

Such a good boy is also a handful in Beijing and Shanghai.

I think all these exaggerations are just a netizen’s illusion.

And, even if Ding Zhen does have eyes that have “no experience in learning and mathematics,” so what?

Why don’t you look at the guys in the labor market who work as masons and have eyes that have never been through school and math, and why not praise them? Just because they don’t wear unique clothes and aren’t handsome enough?

There are problems with the way education is done in China, but it is still better to be educated than uneducated. The fact that a boy became popular is not a reason to deny education. Behind Ding’s popularity is a small chance. Behind Ding’s popularity are a large number of anonymous children who, like him, have not received proper education and have not been exposed to the outside world.

What can they see with their eyes wide open, “without having experienced the Olympiad of learning and thinking”?


We don’t know how he lived. He may not have been poor, but he may have been isolated. He himself said that in all these years, he had only been to the county town.

You think that Litang is your poetry and faraway place, but the city you live in can also be Ding Zhen’s poetry and faraway place.

If Shanghai is not romantic, then Litang is certainly not romantic. You think that life is romantic only because you don’t live in that place. You’re just going to travel.

No matter how beautiful the scenery, no matter how beautiful the grassland, no matter how beautiful the lake, do you still find it romantic after twenty years? It’s like being locked up in the Louvre for 20 years, do you still admire the paintings?

Life is life, travel can be romantic, life is never romantic.


Life in remote areas is not at all romantic, lacking in medicine, change, and opportunity.

There is not only hypocrisy in the netizens’ praise of that life, but also an offense to others, who do not see them as living people like themselves, but as mere aesthetic objects.

They say that this place is beautiful, but why is a Shanghai hukou worth more than a Litang hukou?


Ding Zhen’s rise to fame was a great opportunity to change his fate.

A twenty-year-old child, of course, should seize this opportunity, for their own future life to accumulate capital.

Many netizens begged everyone to “let Ding Zhen go and let him live quietly,” which is simply self-interested. Just as I have worked hard to write my articles, and now I’ve managed to save up some fans, some people come out and call on everyone to “let go of Sharon Li, don’t pay attention to him, let Sharon Li live in peace and quiet! “Do I have the urge to smack him in the mouth?

Of course, Ding Zhen must make a rational choice, can not overspend the attention, cause everyone to get bored, red for a while and then not red, just like I wrote the article also dare not start “big secret” !!!! “Such a title is the same.

But the ultimate goal is to be famous for a long time. If he just wants to live quietly and fear that you will “consume” him, then why did he do the video program in the first place?


Every time I see someone exclaim, “Such a beautiful place, it’s finished once it’s developed,” I feel disgusted from the bottom of my heart.

They want the place they live to be more comfortable, more convenient, with more movies in theaters and faster internet speeds, but they want others to live in a place that is always primitive and rough for them to come and see when they have nothing else to do.

It’s okay to pursue differentiation, and it’s also okay to pursue newness and excitement. But we should not treat each other as mere objects of curiosity, nor should we ask each other not to be like ourselves, full of all kinds of desires.

We are all human beings, aren’t we?