The shocking! Xi’an has used heavy-duty biochemical suits citizens online for help were admonished

A truck sprays disinfectant on an empty street in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, China, on Dec. 31, 2021, as the city is under full lockdown due to the spreading Communist China virus (Covid-19) epidemic.

It has been 11 days since the city of Xi’an, China, was completely sealed off to contain the spread of the Chinese Communist virus (COVID-19) epidemic. A short video posted by a netizen in Xi’an shows local epidemic prevention personnel already dressed in heavy-duty biochemical suits. Netizens exclaimed, “What’s going on in Xi’an?” A netizen trapped in his home for days, posting a plea for help for himself and his elderly neighbors who were cut off from cooking, was admonished by public security.

Recently, a video clip has been circulated through online social media. The video shows a group of epidemic prevention personnel in heavy-duty chemical suits talking to each other in a small area of Xi’an late at night, waiting for something, with a bus with the word “rescue” parked next to them.

(Screenshot from Weibo video)

A user with the screen name “Proud Girl” reposted the video on the overseas social media platform Twitter, and posted a question: “What’s wrong with Xi’an? What’s wrong with Xi’an? It wasn’t like this in Wuhan back in the day. What happened to the heavy-duty biohazard suits?”

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Another Chinese netizen uploaded a video of the epidemic to an online community and posted a caption saying “Xi’an is now in a state of flux. In the video, a person can be seen lying on the ground in an empty street for some reason, with some household items scattered around him, but no one else came to his aid.

At noon local time on January 2, a resident of Xi’an posted on Weibo that he could hardly buy any vegetables in his neighborhood today. Two days ago there were still high priced vegetables for sale in some online groups, and he did not buy them at that time. But now his area has become a quarantine point for residents of Xi’an’s Mingde Eight Mile neighborhood, where even vegetable packages can’t be bought, and he now regrets it.

The netizen also disclosed that there are some elderly people in the neighborhood who are unable to communicate with the outside world because they can’t use their smartphones and have been completely cut off and may encounter life-threatening situations. For this reason, he called on the Xi’an city government to pay attention to the plight of the residents in the neighborhood. Unexpectedly, the netizen was then “admonished” and threatened by the police.

The netizen posted again an hour later that the Baqiao District Public Security Bureau had spoken to him on the phone, accusing his post of “causing bad influence” and asking him to remove the message from the Internet himself. The netizen stated that everything he had posted was true, and that the convenience store in the area had been closed for a week, and that there was no “slander and disinformation” as accused by the public security bureau.

Another Chinese netizen tweeted a screenshot of a Chinese media report showing that as of Dec. 30 last year, 29,000 police officers had been deployed in Xi’an to maintain stability, with more than 20,000 of them dedicated to controlling residential neighborhoods. It also mentioned that police had deleted 188 so-called “harmful messages” and investigated and punished at least 70 people suspected of posting so-called “harmful messages” about the Communist Party’s virus epidemic.

(Web screenshot)

According to a report by Taiwan’s Sanli News, Cai Xia, a former professor at the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China, recently shared a number of images taken by people in Xi’an on Twitter, one of which showed white seals being placed on the outside of every home in Xi’an after the city was closed, and in some places, “It’s your duty to stay home” and “It’s your duty to stay home”. “If you do not run, the years are quiet” and other prevention slogans.

In response, Cai Xia said that this situation did not occur in Wuhan in 2020, and that the official media did not see any reports of the real situation, and without the circulation of videos taken by civilians, no one would have thought that the protective equipment of epidemic prevention personnel in Xi’an would be so “shocking”. She accused the CCP authorities of “hiding all the truth in a black hole”.