Lithuania’s export of Chinese rum stuck in the gates, Taiwan steps in to buy it to launch in Taiwan at the end of the month

Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation, a public enterprise under the Ministry of Finance, said today (3) that more than 20,000 bottles of rum produced in Lithuania in early December last year faced the fate of China’s boycott drifting at sea, and after receiving instructions from the government, Taiwan Liquor Corporation started contacts and has bought the rum, and is scheduled to repackage it after the ship arrives in port on January 9. It will be ready for the market.

Last year, Lithuania and Taiwan set up a representative office for each other, making it the first government unit to be accredited to Europe in the name of Taiwan, thus angering China and starting economic and trade retaliation against Lithuania.

Taiwan Wine revealed today that in early December last year, it was announced that the Chinese customs electronic declaration system removed Lithuania from the list of “countries of origin”, causing Lithuanian exports to China to be stranded in Chinese ports. Although the name of Lithuania reappeared in the electronic customs declaration system of Chinese customs afterwards, the goods stranded at sea were still not allowed to enter.

On December 18, Taiwan’s Ministry of Finance received a message from its representative in Lithuania, Huang Junyao, that a batch of 20,000 and 400 bottles of finished dark rum from MV, which had been affected by China’s customs jam, was scheduled to arrive at the Chinese port on December 29, but was about to face the fate of drifting.

Taiwan even designed the slogan “Li (country) supports me, I support Li (country)”. The slogan is in harmony with the Minnan saying “You support me, I support you”. Taiwan Wine said it hopes that this batch of wine gives the people of Taiwan the opportunity to raise a glass together to support Lithuania. It is understood that this batch of Lithuanian rum is scheduled to go on sale in Taiwan at the end of January.

As for the Lithuanian beer, Liao Zhijian, deputy general manager of Taiwan Liquor Company, said that the Lithuanian beer has its own agent in Taiwan, and the private agents have been eating a lot of goods recently, because the sales volume of Lithuanian beer in Taiwan has exploded by 24 times.

Regarding the fact that the Chinese customs had removed Lithuania from the list of “countries of origin” in the “electronic customs declaration system” and then restored it, resulting in Lithuanian export goods being stranded in Chinese ports and even drifting at sea, the spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian has publicly refuted this. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has publicly refuted that this is all an exaggerated and untrue media report, and criticized EU officials for accusing China without verification, which is irresponsible.