Where will all the unemployed people in China go in 2021?

Question: Are there really many people who will be unemployed in 2021? Where will they all go?

The following are the responses from some of the netizens.

Heisenberg: In the recent period, it was revealed on the internet that major enterprises had started to lay off a large proportion of their employees, and people were saying that employment was in the doldrums, I hadn’t felt it personally until two days ago, when I remembered that a cooperation I had been talking about for a while was no longer available, so I went to ask the agency and found that the agency was gone.

It was like being in a coffee shop, you sit down, and the two people across the table hand over a contract: “Can you see if you can work together?” You look down for two minutes and say, “Yes, we can work together.” When you look up again, the cafe is silent, the floor is buckling, the wallpaper is peeling, the broken window is blowing in bright frosty snow, and the two old chairs across from the table are already covered with dust.

LoneLobster: No, today I asked in the unit, everyone has a job. // Feet: I asked at the morgue today and not a single patient expressed dissatisfaction with the doctor. // Wang Zilong: I asked at the high speed train and everyone got a ticket.

Quiet: The situation is steady to good.

Kids don’t get angry: Now it’s terrible, the neighborhood cleaners are on average more than ten years younger than three years ago, it is estimated that the unemployed middle-aged people have crowded out the original elderly.

HR Grand Master.

  1. female takeaway workers, which is relatively rare in 2020 I personally, and 21 years I have seen several times on the way to and from work, once or a rainy day, particularly impressive.
  2. hitchhiker drivers increased dramatically: I have registered hitchhikers in several platforms in 19 years, 19-20 years only to receive the degree of smoothness in more than 90% of the single, not worried about the single; 2021 found that the degree of smoothness of more than 85% of the single are second light.
  3. epidemic, double reduction policy: the impact on tourism, catering, education industry, the company (CBD) several stores a year can change several sets, there are vacancies; real estate industry winter intensified and affect the upstream and downstream industries, are labor-intensive industries.
  4. Industrial structure upgrading, mainly the traditional manufacturing industry, there are bound to be a lot of people unemployed.
  5. More people speculate in stocks.

Wang thin thin: very much, I am here is the Shenzhen city. Subdivision downstairs closed a row of stores, crossroads is a supermarket closed, Shaxian closed, burger store closed, fast food restaurant closed, milk tea store has been operating. Coffee shop posted transfer, the store lady is quite good-looking. Bar off two years, the pig’s foot rice closed, there are four or five doors, has not been rented out. Now can also live, there are four or five stores left. 30% alive, 30% closed, 30% did not open the door.

Cloudy 2003: First of all, look at the data. Before 2019, the number of people receiving unemployment benefits in Shanghai is around 100,000 year-round, reaching 570,000 in the second quarter of 2021. It’s quite a lot to ask to receive unemployment benefits and to be cut off from health insurance. People who are confident that they will find a job soon usually do not apply, but take the initiative to pay their own social security in a flexible employment way.

Shanghai, for sure, is the city in this country where the situation is good. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight line small counties, more can not think. Secondly, look at the industry, teaching and training, real estate, tourism, catering are because the hardest hit, the unemployed population is estimated to be a lot. The government did not publish the data, and dare not guess. Finally, 2021 is the best year for the economy in the next few years. Currently do not see signs of stopping the decline.

Shanhe and Star: Since the private economy accounts for more than 90% of the employees, most of them do not pay unemployment insurance, so even if they are unemployed, they will not go to register for unemployment, after all, that is time-consuming and laborious, and there is no unemployment benefit to receive. Taking this into account, it is understandable that the urban registered unemployment rate is not a true reflection of the employment situation.

Due to the epidemic, some foreign trade export enterprises have reduced orders and had to lay off employees or shut down production, and enterprises in various industries will take the same approach when their operations encounter difficulties. This is a very intuitive cause of unemployment. During the epidemic, the operations of restaurants, accommodations, KTVs, fitness, cinemas, tourism, educational and training institutions, airlines and many other industries were hit hard.

Even if the resumption of production and work is launched, the recovery of consumption will require a process which may be longer and difficult to truly recover to before the epidemic. In addition to direct unemployment caused by shrinking performance, there will be a lot of hidden unemployment in the service industry, which is even more difficult to count. If you look closely you will see that the number of live stars has also started to increase recently. The entertainment industry is affected, film and TV drama shooting is difficult to carry out, and stars earn money to support their families.

Anonymous user: In the year 2021, the two of us earned just enough for family expenses. I am doing a small advertising store, this year obviously feel orders reduced, new stores open less, I can only fish for three days and two days, earn enough for my own social security and family of three living expenses, in the past this month I will work overtime every day, now I can close at two or three in the afternoon. Speaking of which, I want to cut off my contributions.

My husband is a technician in the IT industry, specifically what position I am not sure, he started looking for a job at the beginning of the year, changed five or six jobs, has been taking the probationary salary, enough to bear the family children’s tuition, rent, mortgage, car insurance and fuel costs and other large expenses. It was easy to turn, and suddenly was informed that the company will either lay off people or transfer to another job.

The year has passed and I feel so sad. Parents are slowly getting older, and I don’t know what will happen in 2022. On 12.13, I was called by the human resources department. Manpower called, let try to find a job first, not only their company, several other outsourcing companies contract, all do not renew (husband belongs to the outsourcing unit, this time involving 70 to 80 people) inside the regular workers may also want to lay off. Only while looking for work, while waiting for the company to come up with a compensation plan.

Chopsticks: Coordinates of the suburbs of Beijing. Shunyi side. Recent feelings are as follows.

  1. one of my friends is unemployed since the previous year. It is estimated to be tossing some other business on its own. Anyway, I didn’t find a job.
  2. I used to work with a little brother, because of work injuries, plus layoffs, has not worked for 3-4 years, every day fishing.
  3. The traffic condition in Beijing, somehow feels much better than the original, maybe it is the impact of the epidemic, maybe I think too much.
  4. Shunyi’s taxi, the probability will encounter female drivers. Nearly six months of taxi, the proportion of female drivers has been half and half.
  5. see the delivery staff have a woman.
  6. the original eaten a lot of restaurants, many have no longer.
  7. It is difficult to see people doing cleaning on the road. The original can be seen everywhere.
  8. At night, there are car owners selling things in the trunk on the roadside, selling everything, clothes, shoes, small toys.
  9. The subway seems to be less crowded than before, but of course it is still quite crowded. above

Sister Qiao: I second-tier provincial capital city real estate industry, because the design institute to the real estate, so the design institute also understand the situation. Local several years before the call of the big real estate layoffs 40% to 50%, more benevolent are also normal to the compensation, more disgusting on the direct non-payment of wages disguised to drive people away.

Although the first wave of layoffs did not affect their own, but for the first time there is career anxiety, coupled with the fact that real estate is very bleak, feel ready to change the feeling. Design institute is also bad, small design institute simply sell qualification dissolution, large design institute salary cuts, the end of the year not to pay bonuses. It is hard to imagine graduating more than a decade, before or more proud of the architectural design industry into this, feeling very saddened.

Qingfeng Xulai: answer: more, but the official data is a peaceful ~ the old home business hair began to borrow money, for the previous out of work they, this is never a matter. The simple truth is that small and medium-sized enterprises in the face of the epidemic, tightening credit, sluggish domestic demand and high prices of bulk materials this year and other factors, the first two years to sign a single, afraid to lose the bottom, there is no money to lend him to pay off debts, because banks are not philanthropists, no good collateral, you can sell your house to pay off debts, on these small and medium-sized enterprises carrying 80 percent of employment, due to the impact of cash flow and lack of domestic demand Resist can not go on, these employees can not lose their jobs, data guess on …… not to say through ~

Besides, the future, bearing half of the gdp trade surplus, in anticipation of the Fed rate hike in the middle of the month, foreign capital outflows, the devaluation of the yuan, the intensification of imported inflation, I am afraid that the domestic people will be more and more difficult, the domestic enterprises will be more difficult to suffer, this winter is really a hundred years rare oh, unemployment rate is looking up ~ estimated fiscal policy in the Fed rate hike premise also dare not how big, so that the group of road repair and infrastructure The company’s main goal is to make sure that it is difficult to eat and scrimp on food and clothing. Suggestion: we save money well, over the winter, do not easily resign!

Chengcheng Visage into song: really running for survival of the people, there is no room for the voice on the Internet. Just put a video that just saw in the Zhihu recommendation: “Life is not easy! The delivery man was towed away due to illegal parking, emotionally uncontrollable kneeling begging the traffic police to return the vehicle” video of the traffic police and delivery brother kneeling with each other. The delivery boy is wrong? In fact, it is wrong, but the truth is right. He had no choice but to be forced by the company to stop, once late to deduct money, a day’s salary is not much left, he could not afford to deduct. Say the city manager is wrong? In fact, yes, according to the law, compliance with the rules.

But the reasoning is wrong, in the case, should first let the little brother after delivery and then detain the vehicle, he did not have the power, more capable of this, if the private vehicle, was held accountable, his job can still be saved? He is just a wage earner, or they are just wage earners, they do not have a choice. They should have had a choice. They are two wage earners kneeling to each other, kneeling to whom? I don’t understand. But I wonder, how long will people like them, who are labeled as “flexi-employed”, kneel before they are seen by the mainstream voice of society?

Watanabeichuan: Coordinates of a second-tier city, first of all, I see the online education industry around me, I know a few famous big companies, the company layoff ratio is half cut, because now the education industry traffic downturn, the monthly turnover is significantly reduced, the company will be based on the value of each person’s contribution to lay off, especially some low performance, the teacher is now also one person to bear the work of three people. Each company almost half of the people left, 10 percent may find a good job, the rest are considered unemployed! The end of the year would have been a lot of companies will adjust salaries, but are laying off staff.

Lovecraft layoffs 20%-40%, now the Internet industry competition is really big, so companies in order to be competitive and retain their own advantages, to get rid of some older employees who are not competitive, of course, at least Lovecraft and compensation. Many companies are not going to give you compensation, directly force you to leave, or superiors to talk to you brainwashing to apply for your own departure. Unemployed people have always been there, this year really special.

Before the epidemic, I still had a lot of small and medium-sized enterprise clients on hand, and labor arbitration was really very accidental before I did it, and at that time, labor arbitration was basically an agency, and the employees faced with professional bumper stickers, branch leaders were unethical and so on; after the epidemic, most companies had lower business volume, bosses ran away and so on, and small business clients lost a lot or cooperated with other extremely low-priced After the epidemic, most companies lost their business, bosses ran away and so on. There is also a surge in the type of cases is the individual households and landlords between the lease contract dispute cases. 2021 where the unemployed are going, I do not know much, but the unemployed, really a lot of people.

Hindsight Zheng Tsuen: back home to take the public exam. But I guess they can’t always get on the exam.

Vince: my sister and brother-in-law are in the system in Shanghai, the income structure of low wages, more allowances. This year, the allowance bonus almost all cut, the total income of 30% less.

An dislike: coordinates Shanxi. Resigned from the editorial, eight months, that is, eight months of unemployment. In June this year, in our county, I took the teacher position, recorded three, reported about 50 people. The first time I saw it, I was in the middle of it. In December this year, I applied for a teaching position in a neighboring county, or the same subject to hire three positions. The day after tomorrow, my girlfriend and I reported together, she 45 examination room, I 57 examination room, from the two of us alone, I estimated that there are about 360 people reported this position, the actual can only be more. It seems that the test teachers suddenly suddenly more up … (and, this is December, everyone is not find a job?)

Peanuts love raw flowers: people in the court, this year the district party congress only words do not mention the economy, unit office expenses next year waist cut forty percent, the implementation of the difficult more difficult, the leadership worried about it.

Anti-corruption tube cadres: As long as the delivery industry is not cracked down on, the problem is not big. This industry is basically an infinite reservoir, there are 10,000 people recruiting 10,000 people, there are 10 million people recruiting 10 million people, to be able to pockets of employment.

Unless the following two situations: one is the takeaway industry and k12 as cracked down on, or that Meituan hungry to be poorly run to yellow, then there is no way. The second is to order take-out less and less, send more and more take-out, each person can not receive a few orders every day, the income can not support themselves. It is not good enough to appear to grab a single hang, every single eat kickbacks, scalping sell takeaway orders.

magicnight: from my own point of view, 2019 is the best situation of the year. After more than 2 years of paving, in a certain area of business 2019 to the right track, 2020 expected revenue (according to the signed MOU) can be increased by 50% compared to 2019, right.

In the Spring Festival of 2020, I had just returned from a trip to Japan and was still looking forward to 2020. At that time, the epidemic had already broken out, but I did not take it seriously. Then a few months later, one thing after another, a ten-year old client said the project should not be stopped but the fee should be settled later. Really because it was a relationship of ten or so years, I lasted three months, but due to the breach of contract by the A party, did not get the subsequent fees, and finally almost all the profits of 2019 were screwed up. Then it was a long 2 years with almost no regular income.

Thin brother: this is a metaphysical, because when you do not work due to resignation or other reasons, the local human resources department will tell you to immediately do a certificate of this ~ it is not called unemployment, it is called freelancing.

Chen Jing: On an unrelated note. Since we’re talking about unemployment, we definitely need to use the unemployment rate over the years as a comparison. But the unemployment rate is a very amazing thing. Two years ago, we did a project to get the real employment rate for research, and the local human resources department was determined not to provide it.

Later, we found a hand of the local government, specifically in the executive meeting after discussion, before the following to let the human resources department to provide, but to sign a confidentiality agreement is not allowed to disclose. So in the end, the specific data of unemployment rate did not appear in the project results. All the people who saw the results thought the research conclusions were the subject of a head shot ……-_-!

1P and 1N: Knowing that capitalists are going to be fucked everywhere, now that capitalists are being fucked up, let’s organize to get productive.

Anonymous user: tell the truth about yourself. march, the company is about to collapse, being structural layoffs. april-may-june, playing with abandon. july-august-september, submitting resumes, interviews. 10-11-12, interviews have been failing, 0 offer. future? I don’t know, I guess it’s getting worse. The job also has 7 years, technology is not to say no, is older, older, as well as looking at many interviewers is stupid. No matter how bad life is, you can only face it!

Anonymous user: has been unemployed for more than a month, boyfriend every day to deliver, interviewed more than a dozen have no follow-up, obviously not how high the salary of the job and the conditions are fully compatible, the recent interviews are not, every day lying at home, fortunately no car no house, no loans, anyway, not starve to death.

Previously in a small company is not stable, even if the first half of the year to find a large company did not expect the end of the layoffs, floating around the heart are tired. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Add, now the end of the recruitment less, and in January something at home will have to go back, so temporarily send take-away transition, because send take-away more free, and income can be, after the year to find work again ha.

Anonymous user: this year is really a tough year, I’m 32 years old and unemployed, it’s really a blessing and a curse, this year’s life is really living into the paragraph. I catering industry, wife teaching training. Both unemployed, and the birth of a child in August. It should have been a very happy thing, the result is now feeling a lot of pressure. Have gone out to look for 3 months of work, have not found the right. Forced to no way, want to do something on their own. Still in the plan, when there are eyebrows to share again. Poor two people are 985 colleges and universities graduate, now go out and young people do not have the advantage of competition, it is estimated that now graduate students are competitive.

Times of: good news! According to statistics, our survey unemployment rate has fallen to 4.8%, which is almost equivalent to full employment, although the economic growth rate has declined, but our unemployment rate has become lower, you say the magic is not amazing.

It’s not really amazing, because we have 200 million more flexibly employed people: in addition to flexibly employed, there are also those who return to their hometowns to start their own businesses, self-employment, graduate school, public examinations, in short, there is no unemployment. In addition, now our unemployment rate statistics are not counted only if you actively register, as some answers say. We used to use the registered unemployment rate, but now we use the survey unemployment rate.

However, both have the same premise, that is, there is a prefix “urban”, as for rural households, go back home and plant!