“War Wolf” Hu Xijin admits he has stepped down and demoted to commentator

On December 16, 2021, Hu Xijin, a representative of the Chinese Communist Party’s “war wolves” and editor-in-chief of the Global Times, issued a microblog, admitting that he had gone through retirement procedures and would only be a commentator at the Global Times in the future.

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of Global Times, issued a microblog on December 16, admitting that he had gone through retirement procedures and that he would only be a commentator at Global Times in the future.

At 12:00 noon on December 16, Hu Xijin posted on his Weibo account that he would be 62 years old after the turn of the year and it was time for him to retire. He has gone through retirement procedures and will no longer hold the post of editor-in-chief of Global Times, and will continue to work for Huan Shi in the future as a special commentator.

A day before that, Hong Kong media Sing Tao Daily quoted news that Wu Qimin, deputy director of the international department of the party media People’s Daily, has been stationed at the Global Times for several months and will take over as editor-in-chief.

As early as June this year, the Internet has been rumored that Wu Qimin stationed in the “Ring Times” and Hu Xijin “handover”, but Hu Xijin in a microblogging article, denying his retirement to hand over power.

Sources reveal that Fan Zhengwei, deputy director of the commentary department of People’s Daily, will be parachuted into Huan Shi to take up the newly established post of president. Fan Zhengwei is one of the key members of the People’s Daily’s “Ren Zhongping” editorial.

After the news of Hu Xijin’s stepping down was confirmed, it sparked a lot of internet buzz, with some netizens chortling, “Hu Xijin is ‘taking a break’ and has a lot less entertaining topics to talk about.”

Hu Xijin is considered to be one of the representative figures of the Chinese Communist Party’s “war wolf” style. He often speaks out in social media, makes public opinion propaganda for the Chinese Communist government, and rounds up lies for the Chinese Communist Party, so he is mocked by netizens as “Hu Grizzly”.

Zhang Zenyu, former current affairs correspondent of Phoenix.com, once told overseas Chinese media “Look at China” that the main job of “Huan Shi” is to “export content to domestic sales”, and to convert overseas media reports into reports favorable to the CCP, which is one of their usual tactics. This is their usual tactic. Hu Xijin is always sycophantic to the Communist Party and justifies himself for the Communist Party, and this is his role.

Recently, Chinese women’s tennis star Peng Shuai accused former Communist Party Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault, drawing international attention. After Peng lost contact with the outside world following her explosive post on Weibo on November 2, the International Women’s Tennis Association issued a statement calling attention to Peng’s personal safety and demanding that the Chinese Communist Party authorities publicly address Peng’s allegations.

Several prominent tennis players around the world have tweeted in solidarity with Peng Shuai, and the U.S. government has expressed deep concern about Peng’s fate and called on the Chinese Communist authorities to provide credible evidence of Peng’s safety.

Under the pressure of international public opinion, Hu Xijin frequently posted videos and photos of Peng through his overseas Twitter account, trying to steer public opinion and create the illusion that Peng is “safe. But the move backfired and was criticized by many netizens who are concerned about Peng Shuai’s safety.

Hu Xijin is called an “unofficial official spokesman” who can say things that are not convenient for the party media and speak for the government, which is not responsible for his comments, according to the New Head Shell website.