Chinese-American engineer moved to Vegas to work from home, the results were unexpected

After the outbreak began, many company employees worked from home. Many Silicon Valley elites have moved to Hawaii, Florida and other scenic locations, or are on the road while road tripping to work remotely. Mr. Z, a Chinese-born Google engineer, chose Las Vegas, the “capital of sin,” and became deeply addicted to gambling. From the $5 vouchers sent by the casino, he eventually started borrowing tens of thousands of dollars from the bank to go to the gambling tables. Luckily, he stopped in time and wanted to share his story and the casino’s “scheme” to remind people and himself.

After the epidemic, Mr. Z didn’t want to go to a place with jet lag because he thought he had to work, and because he had never lived in the desert, he chose Las Vegas as a novelty. The experience was good at first, there were very few people during the epidemic, and the bars and restaurants were open as usual compared to California, so he simply bought a house here in early 2021 and lived there.

Mr. Z had hardly ever been involved in gambling before, but after moving here, he found that there was too little entertainment and soon brushed up on all the TV shows he wanted to watch, when he found a small casino near his home, when the casino had an open membership to give away $5. Knowing that it was a casino trap, he was still curious to open an account. With a penny bet on the machine played for 20 minutes, five dollars became ten dollars. The ten dollar reward was the start of a series of deep gambling addiction, “the fire in my heart was ignited”.

He said at that time, he would start to play from time to time a dozen or so twenty dollars, a few weeks down to find themselves also won a little, so more frequent trips to the casino. Until one night after losing 200 yuan, he began to go home to study the casino game, found blackjack this game, is the casino dealer win is the smallest, only 51%, so turned to start playing blackjack. The first month down Mr. Z surprisingly also won a couple of thousand dollars, more addictive. Finally, one night he lost nearly $5,000, and defying the odds, he brought $1,000 with him the next day and went back to win the $5,000 back. This gave him the illusion that he had mastered the skill and became more interested, but he also soon started losing money.

The company has a lot of money to lose, and he is very “on top of it”, “especially on top of it, two days and 48 hours, 35 hours in the casino”, he even took a leave of absence from the company, “at that time, I think I have to go even if I take a leave of absence, I have to turn over the money “, two days without eating, just drinking water and smoking. One night after losing $7,000 or $8,000, he made a painful decision to quit gambling.

But after just two months of quitting, he found that the casino had given away some dining vouchers in his membership card. Although he knew it was a casino ruse, Mr. Z thought he could control himself as long as he went to dinner, and as a result, he still didn’t hold back when he passed by the machine. After another loss, he really never played blackjack again, but became hooked on the craps game (craps). He said that the rich variety of games in casinos is also part of the formula, always allowing people to get tired of playing one and still find another game with a fresh feel.

In the next period of time Mr. Z played more and more, one day after losing 9,000 yuan, he remembered that he had a bank line of credit, so he borrowed 11,000 and went back to the casino, and an hour later lost all again, when Mr. Z, who had been in the casino for more than ten hours, borrowed another 20,000 yuan from the bank. The good thing is that he won all the money back again that day. The fastest time, five minutes to win back more than 10,000 yuan, and eventually hold several million yuan in cash, in the crowd escorted by security guards to the parking lot.

But after that Mr. Z is also very afraid, after calculating found that each throw of the dice, have a one-in-six probability of losing 6000 yuan, the day can win back all by their own good luck, more than ten times in a row have not thrown to lose the number, the probability has been small to zero point zero zero a few, that is also the first time he appeared after the fear of the mind, and decided to take this opportunity to quit gambling.

Three months after quitting gambling, the casino has raised Mr. Z’s level again and again, and now has almost reached the highest level of membership, giving him about 1,000 yuan in meal vouchers, as well as free accommodation and even haircuts, etc., and even gave him the services of a commissioner to try to attract him back to the tables.

Mr. Z concluded that the level of happiness after the first win of 500 yuan, after that even another win of several thousand are no longer the same feeling, this dopamine stimulation and material dependence is exactly the same. The dopamine stimulation and material dependence is exactly the same. More than a year of win-loss fluctuations down, he has accumulated about more than 1 million yuan of “flow”. “There is no sure-fire strategy in the casino, and even though it is clear that the casino always has a better chance of winning, the gambler’s mindset is that he or she can make money through short-term fluctuations. The actual fact is that each individual is just a small sample, and will eventually be “washed away” by the law of large numbers, not really win money, and if once you lose you will probably lose everything.