Sexually assaulted women were heavily sentenced Shanghai small red building captive sex slaves again aroused debate

Recently, the mainland microblogging hot search list and topic list deleted the “Shanghai Xiaohonglou case” related topics were backlash, some netizens questioned “one case two sentences for what reason?” Why was the woman who was cheated and sexually assaulted also heavily sentenced? However, the post was deleted and the internet was again hotly debated.

The main culprit, Zhao Fuqiang, came to Shanghai in 2000 to make a living, running a tailor store and two hair salons, recruiting women for long-term prostitution. 20 years later, he monopolized more than 1,000 stores in Shanghai’s Yangpu district, making profits of nearly 1 billion yuan. In August last year, he was charged with organizing, leading and participating in a triad organization, rape and organizing prostitution, and was sentenced to a suspended death sentence.

“What’s the reason for two sentences in one case?”

On Dec. 3, the topic “What is the reason for two verdicts in one case in the Shanghai Red House case?” was deleted from the Zhihu Q&A platform. The topic was deleted and the “Shanghai Little Red House Case” attracted attention again.

The netizen questioned the fairness of the verdict: “A woman whose fallopian tubes were cut and who could not get pregnant was sentenced to 14 years and 6 months, more than the total sentence of several officials, for being forced to be an accomplice of Zhao Fuqiang (the main culprit in the Shanghai Red House case) and participate in organizing escorts.”

Netizens questioned, “What is even more unimaginable is that these women victims (who) went through a thousand hardships and finally got rid of Zhao Fuqiang’s control completely and finally stopped being destroyed by him, were all sent to jail, not knowing when or how they would see the sunlight again.

“On the contrary, those officials who acted as umbrellas were either exempted from prosecution or received abnormally light sentences.” “The metropolis of Shanghai in 2021 will see such a sad story again.”

On Dec. 3, the topic “What is the reason for two sentences in one case of the Shanghai Red House case?” on the Zhihu Q&A platform was deleted. The topic was deleted. (Web image)

Persecuted woman also sentenced to prison

In January this year, Caixin Weekly published an article entitled “The end of the destruction of the “Little Red House” black power in Shanghai”, detailing the stories of women who were brutalized by the black power in Shanghai. Zhao Fuqiang cheated, lured and raped women, raped five women 13 times, forced to accompany officials, and even two lost their fertility by ovum extraction, and many were mentally abnormal.

The netizens referred to “sentenced to 14 years and 6 months” is born in 1989 Lin, and Zhao Fuqiang met in the webcast, the two married and divorced, during which Lin was coaxed by Zhao Fuqiang cut off the fallopian tube, involved in sexual bribery escort, follow Zhao Fuqiang, was accused of “fraud, provocation and provocation The crime of “fraud, provocation, organizing prostitution”, was sentenced to 14 years and 6 months in prison.

From August 17 to 21, 2020, the Shanghai Second Intermediate Court heard the case of Zhao Fuqiang and 38 other defendants accused by the prosecutors of organizing, leading and participating in a triad organization, rape, organizing prostitution, fraud, forced trade, bribery and bribery in closed session.

Zhao Fuqiang, 47, the main offender, was sentenced in September to a suspended death sentence with restrictions on sentence reduction; the other 37 defendants were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 2 years and 6 months to 20 years. After Zhao Fuqiang and others appealed, the Shanghai High Court rejected the appeal in the second instance and upheld the original sentence.

The verdict showed that nine female specific associates around Zhao Fuqiang and relatives of four women were also sentenced. Four of the women had followed Zhao Fuqiang since the hair salon days, while the other five joined after 2008, most of them were “post-80s” and “post-90s” who started having sexual relations with Zhao Fuqiang when they were around 20 years old.

Among them are Zongmou, Lei, Lin and three other people have married and divorced Zhao Fuqiang, at least six people have children with Zhao Fuqiang, most of them together with their immediate family members have lived for a long time in the fifth and sixth floor of Xuchang Road.

Netizens follow up by saying, “I am really too curious to know whether such a typical horrible and extremely wrong event has entered the party’s teaching materials as a negative teaching material for education?”

Shanghai Yangpu District political and legal system “earthquake” presiding judge fell

In addition, the case also triggered an “earthquake” in the political and legal system of Yangpu District, Shanghai. Lu Yan, former member of the Standing Committee of the Yangpu District Committee and former secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, was subsequently sentenced to 17 years in prison for taking bribes, embezzlement, harboring and conniving at a triad organization; Ren Yongfei, former president of the Yangpu District Court, was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months for taking bribes and conniving at a triad organization; and a number of Yangpu District state-owned enterprise staff, police station officers and business office personnel were also sentenced to 1 year and 6 months to 10 years and 6 months. The former deputy director of Yangpu Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau, Cen Hongquan, also fell under investigation.

How did the 20-year existence of the Little Red House develop in this collusion between the government and the black? The women in the small red building have escaped many times to report the case unsuccessfully, and were “fixed” by Zhao Fuqiang, a police officer said, “You can’t handle him”, in the words of Zhao Fuqiang, “there is no matter that can’t be handled In the words of Zhao Fuqiang, “there is nothing you can’t handle.

A netizen said, “It’s ironic to think that it’s a few minutes’ walk from the Little Red House to the Shanghai Women’s Association, to the district government respectively. Every media is talking about how he how to prostitute himself. However, has it ever occurred to you that such an open and honest deal has not been discovered for so many years? Doing such things under the government’s nose?”

Last month, the presiding judge of the “Shanghai Little Red House case” also fell. The website of the Shanghai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection announced on November 1 that the president and party secretary of the Songjiang District Court in Shanghai were investigated. However, no details were provided.

Official biography shows that Zhang Zheng, 52, who has worked in Shanghai’s intermediate and high court system for nearly 30 years, was vice president and acting president of the Shanghai Songjiang District Court in July this year and president of the court in August.

The official microblogging site of Caixin said that Zhang Zheng supervised the “Xiao Hong Lou” gang-related case during his tenure as vice president of Shanghai Second Intermediate Court.

It is worth noting that Weibo recently put the “Shanghai Xiaohonglou case” on the hot search list. This is because the judge who presided over the case just fell in November, according to current affairs commentator Chen Simin.

The “Shanghai Little Red House Case” was on the hot search and then withdrawn

A few days ago, the news reported that the “Shanghai Xiaohonglou case”, a hypertext discussion forum with more than 500 million views, was blocked by Weibo and could not be found even by typing in other keywords, drawing more attention to the case.

The “Shanghai Xiaohonglou Case” discussion forum was blocked by Weibo. (Web screenshot)

This reporter searched Weibo’s “Hot Search List” and “Topic List” at noon EST today (6), and none of the top 50 had the “Shanghai Little Red Building Case”. The first item on the “hot search list” is “the implementation of the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Party Central Committee”; the first topic list is “who is the protagonist of the wind in Luoyang”, with 480 million reads and 154,000 discussions. The top topic is “Who is the protagonist of the wind in Luoyang”, with 480 million reads and 154,000 discussions.

But in the microblogging search “small red building” can see a lot of posts: “small red building case concern two or three days now the topic also extinguished what can not search.” “Too disgusting small red building that the word can not be found.”

Also said, “just still in the hot list, quit on the instant no, Zhao Fuqiang should not be suspended, should be executed immediately, these people’s punishment so light, to afford fellow women? “

“Hot search has been withdrawn, we are on this network, stretching the pointless justice what else is useful, the victim has been irreversible harm, reported five times have not been accepted …… (to Zhao Fuqiang) sentenced to a suspended death sentence, and then a medical parole, the end is to get away with it ……”

The reporter then searched from the microblogging topic “small red building”, can also see a lot, only the first ranking of “Shanghai small red building case began”, read 14.032 million, 14,000 discussions.

Netizens said, “also on the small red floor of this provincial and municipal level is not to the whole network blocked just to reduce the heat, rising to the top of the Communist Party movement directly to you evaporate! Rotten to the roots!!!”