Chinese Communist Party issues report attacking U.S. democracy, official microblogging comments section flip-flops

A few days ago, the major official media of the Communist Party of China (CPC) forwarded on Weibo a report entitled “The State of Democracy in the United States” issued by the CPC Foreign Ministry. The report launched a ferocious attack on the U.S. democratic system. As a result, the comment section of the official microblogging site was “overturned” and almost all of the “negative” comments were deleted and restricted accordingly.

On December 5, 2011, the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China (MFA) released a report entitled “The State of Democracy in the United States”. The 15,000-word report claims to “sort out the shortcomings of the U.S. democratic system” and analyze the so-called “chaos” of the U.S. democratic practice at home and the so-called “hazards” of exporting democracy to the outside world. “.

Subsequently, the official microblogs of the Communist Party’s mouthpiece media, including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and CCTV, all reposted the news with a link to the report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China. As a result, the comments section of these official microblogs were overwhelmed with comments from netizens.

Although the administrators of these microblogs quickly deleted almost all comments refuting and ridiculing the official report and set limits on so-called “negative comments,” screenshots of such comments were circulated on off-wall social media platforms.

“The China Digital Times website has compiled a list of some of the comments by netizens that have been deleted by the CCP’s official microblogs, based on screenshots of the pages that have been circulated. The editors even pointed out that this kind of cover-up by the CCP’s official microblogging service presents the ironic “magical reality” of the so-called “Chinese democracy in which the people are the masters”.

Here are some of the comments by netizens that were deleted by the CCP’s official microblog.

The Great Human: “Who has ever elected a NPC deputy? Voted?”

Dickies sea: “almost have to …… self-importance more and more no bottom line, as high as you can self-importance, anyway, the historical judgment is not your say, future generations have their own say.”

Floating clouds of sunshine mountain wilderness small residence: “People’s Daily” is on behalf of the Chinese people or the American people? Then focus on whether the American people are doing well, how about paying more attention to the Chinese people, pay more attention to the dark side of the country, exercise the media’s right to monitor and urge improvement.”

Little glazed light: “rich people, officials, see where their children are going, and 985211 undergraduate graduation a large percentage of where to go, it is clear, the facts speak louder than words.”

Nerdhead 000: “The People’s Daily with an output of 130,000 pounds of wheat is the most democratic! Haha!”

SlimPanda: “America is rotten like this? Why are children scrambling to send there? Why not send them to North Korea, the world’s model of democracy?”

Rolling washing machine 21: “Two days ago just said that democracy should be decided by the country itself? Today, you can say that there is a problem with American democracy, which is a slap in the face.”

Other boxes: “is a kind of ‘democracy’ in the subject of long-term test single-digit poor students, laughing at people who scored sixty or seventy points, right ……”

林公仔是小太阳啊:”Can universal elections be followed by bashing other countries for fake democracy?”

Cool cover cool cool cat: “Centralized system said people are not democratic, you are also shameless to the realm.”

Soft snow white powder juju: “scraping people’s money to build a network powerhouse, fooling the people to manipulate public opinion, you officials have the power of the red tribe which assets have been announced? Which person is not free to shuttle the United States of America? The people have been creating wealth for you with their lives, you keep scraping, how much for the people? You do not let the people discuss facts, politics and economics, and take the topic of entertainment and men and women to divert conflicts. Ask yourselves who you are representing?”

How long will it take aaaa: “Editor long snack, the netizens are not good to fool, and roll over. We are not all fools, every day said the United States sucks, the result of the power of the rich are running over there.”

Comments of the kind mentioned above that explicitly refute, criticize and troll have now been deleted or obscured in the comments section of official microblogs, leaving only the messages of 50 cents, pink and other CCP water forces to hold up the scene.

The official microblogging accounts of major party media can be found on the official microblogging account of the People’s Daily, which has opened a “comment selection” mode; the comments of CCTV News have also been restricted, with the prompt “Inappropriate comments have been filtered, some comments are not displayed for now. “(Screenshot of Xinhua’s official microblog.

(Screenshot from Xinhua’s official microblog.)

In addition, on Zhihu, China’s domestic Internet question and answer community and original content publishing platform for creators, critical comments from users on the above-mentioned sensitive topics were also filtered and censored.

Zhihu users’ critical responses were deemed to be “illegal content” – (Screenshot)

Critical comments from Chinese netizens were blocked by webmasters. (Screenshot)

On the overseas online social media platform Twitter, some Chinese netizens retweeted the news and left comments saying, “I’ve thrown up all my overnight food”; another netizen said, “I went to look and now only a dozen comments are displayed out of over 2,000”; one netizen left a sarcastic comment saying, “It’s okay, all of them are banned. Some netizens left sarcastic comments, “It’s okay, all banned comments on democracy.

Other netizens re-posted a video clip of Shen Jilan, a professional member of the Chinese Communist Party’s National People’s Congress, who was dubbed by Chinese netizens as a “human voting machine,” explaining her concept of “democracy” in China in response to a question from the media. She said that as a NPC deputy, she could not communicate with her constituents, otherwise it would “not be democracy.

Screenshot of a video clip of Shen Jilan, a professional member of the Chinese Communist Party’s National People’s Congress, answering questions from the media.