The commitment to wait for 30 years frozen wife Shandong man to make a new love attracted a lot of debate

Shandong Jinan City, 49-year-old lung cancer patient Chinan Lian, who died in 2017 after the disease was put into a tank of liquid nitrogen at minus 196 ° C, becoming the first case of cryopreservation of human cryopreservation on the mainland to receive frozen people. Her husband Gui Junmin previously interviewed by the domestic media, said the choice of freezing is the hope that the future of medicine can cure his wife. However, Gui Junmin was recently exposed to have a new lover, causing a hot debate among netizens.

In March 2017, Zhan Wenlian was admitted to the comfort medical complex ward of the East Hospital of Shandong University Qilu Hospital, during which she decided to accept the “Life Extension Research Program” of the Yinfeng Institute of Life Sciences, i.e. the human cryopreservation research project, with a contract signed for 30 years. After her death in May of the same year, she was connected to a cardiopulmonary resuscitation device and was fully cooled for up to 55 hours to ensure cell survival, and then stored in a liquid nitrogen tank. At that time, Gui Junmin said, “My wife just fell asleep and did not go to another world”, and that he looked forward to reuniting with her in the future, which was once a good story.

In April of this year, Gui Junmin said in an interview with the domestic media that he would record the annual events after his “temporary farewell” with his wife, hoping that the other party could make up for the 30-year gap after waking up, but his day-to-day, solitary life was not easy. Under the concern and introduction of friends and relatives, he met a new object in June last year, in the other party to accept the last relationship, Gui said frankly that the two sides are currently in the bonding period, the son also expressed support. After the news was reported, it attracted many netizens to scold, some even to “slag” to describe Gui Junmin.

At the end of last month, the domestic media reported again the content of Gui Junmin’s interview, for the future of his wife’s resurrection, Gui said frankly also have their own concerns, if everything goes well, human technology in 30 years can overcome cancer, his wife will have the opportunity to resurrect and meet him. But he continued to point out that if 30 years later mankind is still unable to overcome cancer, he is already more than 80 years old, probably can not wait for the resurrection of his wife.

In response to the comments of netizens, Gui Junmin believes that he and his son still need to accept the fact that his wife and mother can not wake up temporarily, “I can not live 30 years is still not clear. He also pointed out that he also has normal thoughts and normal desires, “can not be foolish to see any results are still there to die”, at present only hope to live in the present at the same time, continue to hold the idea of seeing his wife again in his lifetime.