Biden’s global democracy summit on the horizon, Beijing pulls out all the stops against

As the Biden “democracy summit” is about to take place, Beijing is holding a high-end democracy seminar in response, and the State Council has issued a white paper arguing that China is truly a “deserving democratic society. This gives the illusion that the Chinese Communist Party is eager to join the ranks of democracies. One report said that “Biden sounded a rallying cry in defense of democracy”, and some netizens responded with “Beijing has shown its full process of democracy absorption” ……

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng boasted that China is a deserving democracy at the “High-end Dialogue of Chinese and Foreign Scholars on Democracy” held in Beijing on February 2. He said that China’s “full process democracy”, in which people fully enjoy the rights to information, expression and supervision, is a democracy with full chain of participation. He went on to criticize the upcoming democracy summit in the United States, where individual countries are “asserting themselves as democratic leaders and convening some kind of democracy summit.

However, some people commented that the name of the meeting that Vice Minister Le attended was a bit difficult to understand, the democratic dialogue meeting is a democratic dialogue meeting, why is it still a high-end democratic dialogue meeting, and what is the low-end democratic dialogue meeting? How to distinguish between high-end and low-end democratic dialogues? A few more ministers or “scholars” can consider themselves high-end, which is already a hundred thousand miles away from the essence of democracy.

Xu Lin, Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Director of the State Council Information Office, holds a white paper on ‘Democracy in China’ at a press conference held at the State Council Information Office on December 4, touting the superiority of China’s “full process democracy” and criticizing the United States for being a self-proclaimed “leader of democracy. “AP- Mark Schiefelbein

Influenced by Xi Jinping’s fondness for colloquialisms, Le Yucheng expresses it very graphically, saying that democracy cannot be a “fly-by-night” system, that there is no need for a “teacher” to build democracy, and that “there is democracy in one part of the world. “In this world, there is never a model of democracy that is applicable to all countries. He sounded not too wrong, but the core issue is still what is democracy, although different, the people should always have the right to vote to determine the national leadership, the election of public opinion representatives of this one bar, China’s one side of the land has a side of democracy is the lack of votes.

Le Yucheng stressed that China’s “full process of people’s democracy” is not “the democracy of a few people and interest groups”, but “the democracy of the majority and the whole people”, not in It is not a democracy that is “awakened at the time of voting, but dormant afterwards”. Of course, the U.S. president is elected once every four years, and every two years the Congress is re-elected. Now, Xi Jinping has abolished the term of office of the president, and he can stay in office for the rest of his term.

Not to mention the election of national leaders, grassroots representatives are not even feasible. According to a related report in Free Asia, even the district and county people’s congress elections currently held in China are all designated candidates. Four independent candidates, including Tang Jingzhou from Chongqing, issued a joint declaration on November 30, three days after their candidacy was forced to be terminated. A more famous example is the case of 14 independent candidates, including Li Wenzu and Wang Qialing, family members of the 709 case in Beijing, who have been harassed by unknown people every day since they announced their candidacy. Some candidates were taken to the police station for “tea”, some were taken away for “tourism”, and some were threatened by the township government, and finally, in consideration of their personal freedom and life safety, the 14 announced that they would stop running for office.

Tian Peiyan, deputy director of the Policy Research Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, focused on explaining why China should engage in “Chinese style democracy”, “in a large country like ours with 56 ethnic groups and a population of more than 1.4 billion”, without the leadership of the Party, especially Without the centralized leadership of the Party, especially the centralized and unified leadership of the Party, “the so-called democracy of the West will be easily scattered and messed up, and democracy will definitely go to its opposite”. Instead of talking about Chinese democracy like Minister Le, Director Tian defended why China cannot practice democracy, emphasizing that democracy will go to the opposite side, inadvertently implying that the positive side of democracy is still a good thing? Director Tian admits that “full process people’s democracy” can more effectively realize the Party’s leadership, so what does “Party leadership” mean? Director Tian explained that the CPC “does not have any special interests of its own and has never represented any interest group…and has always stood firmly on the side of the people.

This is said to be a bit self-referential and the mother-in-law sells the melon. The CCP does not represent any interest group? I’m afraid Chinese people know that the CCP represents the interests of the CCP itself. The CCP will do anything for power and never give it up.

In order to strengthen the persuasive power, the Information Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China published a white paper on the 4th, which is 20,000 words long, emphasizing in one sentence that “China’s democracy is a democracy in which the people are the masters of their own house” and “is a democracy that works “Therefore, the democracy implemented in China is a “full-process people’s democracy”, which “realizes the unity of process and outcome democracy, procedural and substantive democracy, direct and indirect democracy, and people’s democracy and the will of the state, and is a full chain, all-round, and full-coverage democracy. It is the most extensive, real and effective socialist democracy.

Observers question why Beijing has to advocate itself as a democratic country. The world knows very well, and the CCP has proclaimed time and again to the outside world, that China is a party state under one-party rule, that the party’s interests are above all else, and that Beijing will emphasize in its foreign propaganda that the party’s interests and the people’s interests are always the same. The Party has a supreme leader, Xi Jinping, who rules the Party and the whole country by ruling the Party.

The party has an “iron discipline” that requires the party to “maintain the two”, meticulously: “resolutely maintain the core position of General Secretary Xi Jinping of the Party Central Committee, the core position of the entire party, and resolutely maintain the authority and centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee. ” That is to maintain to an absolute degree, to Xi Jinping to be absolutely loyal, otherwise, you will be “according to law” to deal with, reduced to “two-faced”, the light will be dismounted, the heavy will go to jail.

A netizen said, the whole process of democracy is good, but criticism of Xi Jinping a word not! There are not many countries in the world where you can’t criticize the leader and the ruling party, and North Korea is one.