She became an “escort” after graduation, whose fault is it?

“The Little Red House, located at 632 Xu Chang Road in Shanghai’s Yangpu District, was the site of Zhao Fuqiang’s fortune for many years, but he stepped on the lives of dozens of women who were worse than dead to make his fortune. The news likened the “Little Red House” to a hell made of women’s blood and tears.

Zhao Fuqiang started out as a small tailor, but his ambition and desire made him decide to find another way to make money – the flesh business.

To do this business must have “Miss”, at that time Zhao Fuqiang did not have contacts, so he pushed his wife to become the first “Miss”, and then use his wife’s story to brainwash other girls, telling them that this is the way to achieve the value of life, expanding “Miss” camp.

For girls who did not believe and wanted to escape, Zhao Fuqiang would rape them, beat them, threaten them with nude photos and videos, and even carve “Zhao Fuqiang special” on their private parts.

This is the beginning of this big case, but it is shocking enough.

What makes me feel cold behind is that Zhao Fuqiang can sacrifice his wife in order to make money. “Wife”, one of the closest people in the adult male life stage, Zhao Fuqiang can naturally transform it into a tool for enrichment. From this point of view Zhao Fuqiang after the crimes committed, it seems to be expected, he can do so to his wife, what else can not do.

Zhao Fuqiang soon completed the original capital accumulation, after having money in his hands he began to invest in stores, and day by day, Zhao Fuqiang from an unarmed tailor, into a rich man holding 1,000 storefronts.

In short, Zhao Fuqiang is black and white, in order to be judicially allowed to use the girls under his command for sexual bribery, which also requires a high-end “base”, is later the Little Red House.

The official name of the “Little Red House” is Chuang Fu Mansion, Zhao Fuqiang set up a cultural company, became the boss, and the “Safe Shanghai” column operator.

In order to their “business”, to meet the power and status of “customers”, Zhao Fuqiang needs a group of highly educated ladies. So he posted job information on the Internet: Huiyi eat and drink food city operations specialist, generous treatment. Chen Qian, who had studied in the United States, thus entered Zhao Fuqiang’s quagmire.

Chen Qian thought her job was copywriting work, but only after she really joined the job did she know that she had to do is to accompany the guests to eat, drink, play, sleep.

Chen Qian certainly thought of escape, but the small red building is full of access control and security, she could not move.

Once Chen Qian had the opportunity to go out, she tried everything to seek help from the outside world, but was eventually caught back in the small red building, she was placed under house arrest and confiscated cell phones.

Chen Qian was later sent to a clinic, not to be sick, but to experiment with Zhao Fuqiang’s new path to wealth, selling women’s eggs. Chen Qian lost her ability to have children because she was over-injected with ovulation shots.

There are many other girls who suffered the same fate as Cui Xi, who either suffered from depression or bipolar disorder.

The tragic lives of these women stopped when Zhao Fuqiang’s umbrella fell.

The news about the “Little Red Building” is basically this: “red” is not only the color of the tiles on the exterior of the building, but also the blood shed by many women in it and their controlled lives.

After reading the news, I just felt that the fate of some women was written with “helplessness”. Just like Zhao Fuqiang’s wife, she married Zhao Fuqiang at the beginning, how could she have thought that her life was riding on the pillow man.

Chen Qian came back from abroad, longing for a stable job and a new life, she would not have thought when she applied for a job that she would have started working into a quagmire that she could not escape.

And Zhao Fuqiang, a seemingly rich and powerful man, his so-called “success” is built on women, his wife, innocent girls who have just entered the city, female students who have returned to study …… are those who have expectations for the future but are being dragged step by step by Zhao Fuqiang. dragged into the deep sea of women.

“The sky is very low for women”, Xiao Hong’s quote, which has appeared many times in my previous writings, would like to say it again today.

There are many dilemmas that we cannot escape from, and the essence of the dilemma is the word “women”. In many cases, we don’t mess with the dilemma, but it is the dilemma that traps us step by step.

There is an episode of “Kim Ji-young, born in ’82” that goes like this.

When she was a child, Kim Ji-young had to go to a cram school in a faraway place, so she took the bus home after class, but was followed by a male classmate.

A female passenger sat in front of Kim Ji Young, who saw the panicked expression on Kim Ji Young’s face and asked, “Are you uncomfortable, classmate?”

Kim Ji Young made a phone gesture, the female passenger was quick to lend her phone, Kim Ji Young sent a “distress” text message to her father, telling him she was on the bus and to come to the station to pick her up.

After arriving at the station, Kim Ji-young got off the bus in a panic, but the boy continued to follow him and spoke out of turn.

The film shows that Kim Ji Young is scared to death and does not dare to turn around and does not know what to do, although she sent a message to her father, but her father needs time to go out, at this time Kim Ji Young can only deal with the bad boy alone.

In the film, Kim Ji Young’s father is a bit more demanding. As if he didn’t realize that the incident had nothing to do with Kim Ji Young, he came up and asked: Why did you go to a cram school so far away?

In addition, he thinks that Kim Ji Young is being targeted because her skirt is too short and she likes to give smiles to everyone she meets.

Kim Ji-young must have been very aggravated.

She retorted to her father, saying that she hadn’t spoken to the boy at all and didn’t remember him at all.

Her father went along with her, still criticizing and teaching: That’s the problem, why can’t you remember that guy? Why don’t you avoid him? Why do you take it lightly?

It’s all Kim Ji Young’s fault, and the boy who made the mistake got off perfectly.

It is easy for female viewers to relate to the character of Kim Ji-young because only girls know how many potholes they have to avoid on their way to grow up or in their life.

There is a line in “Kim Ji-young born in ’82”: she grew up under the education that girls should be careful in everything, dress conservatively, behave properly, and know how to avoid dangerous times and dangerous people, otherwise the problem will be with those who don’t know how to avoid them.

We all know this is not right, but we have no choice.