China’s 17 100 billion-dollar real estate companies’ share prices have fallen more than 50%

A statistic shows that more than 30 100 billion real estate companies in China, 17 real estate companies’ share prices have fallen by more than 50% since the high point since 2018, and real estate stocks that have fallen by 60% even ranked outside the top 10 of the decline list.

According to the Securities Times-Databao statistics, Shenwan real estate index fell nearly 15% during the year, ranking fourth in the Shenwan primary industry decline list.

In terms of individual stocks, Huaxia Happiness, Blue Light Development, Wonderful Property and other stocks have fallen by more than 50% during the year. The performance of domestic housing stocks was even less satisfactory, with the Hang Seng Real Estate Construction Index falling nearly 18% and more than 20 stocks such as China Evergrande, Sun City Group and Fancy Year Holdings falling more than 50%.

Based on the November top 100 real estate companies’ manipulation funds published by Kerry, the average overshoot among more than 30 typical real estate companies whose sales are expected to break the 100 billion yuan mark this year was as high as 50.95%.

Specifically, China Evergrande’s share price at the beginning of 2018 was once above HK$26, and the latest share price is only HK$2.25, with a retracement rate of more than 91% topping the list.

In addition, China Aoyuan, China Xiangsheng Holdings, Jia Zhaoye Group, Rongxin China, Fuli Real Estate, Shimao Group and other $100 billion real estate companies have all seen their latest prices fall by more than 70% from their highs since 2018.

Sino-Ocean Group and Zhongnan Construction retraced 62.18% and 60.07% respectively, ranking eleventh and twelfth. This shows that the super drop of 60% among the 100 billion real estate companies can not enter the top ten of the drop list.

Generally speaking, the share price has fallen sharply to reflect its fundamentals have a larger problem. From the actual situation, the recent sales of real estate companies is not optimistic.