Costco employees professionally draw smiley faces for $30 an hour, setting off an online spat

The job has sparked controversy, with some netizens questioning “why they can have such a high salary”.

A good-looking girl clerk Natalie (Natalie), she recently said in TikTok, “(I) hourly pay up to $ 29.5, just draw a smiley face on the receipt”, the film sparked controversy, just 4 days to watch more than 15 million times. It is understood that her job is to check the correctness of each customer’s receipt, to ensure that the inventory and pricing is correct, and if there is no problem, the smiley face mark is painted on the top of the receipt. However, some users questioned “why this kind of work, can get up to $ 29.5 an hour?”

The current minimum hourly wage in the United States is $7.50, and some areas are the minimum hourly wage of $15, so Natalie’s high hourly wage has raised questions, and people engaged in medical-related work pointed out that their salary is similar to Natalie, but the work content is quite different, saying that “people who save lives and draw smiley faces on paper, receive the same salary, is it reasonable? “There are also people who responded, “No wonder my family told me to work at Costco”, “Why do I need to go to college, just go to work at Costco”, “I want to throw my nursing license in the trash. “.

However, some people think that they should not rush to criticize Natalie’s work, but should ask their employers to give a reasonable salary, and if they engage in more difficult work, they can also get more pay than Natalie. Some Costco employees also revealed that “the company’s benefits are very good, and bonuses are paid every 6 months” and “Costco takes care of its employees, and bonuses are not given out stingy”.