The spam emails are so disturbing! He taught 1 trick to solve the problem in seconds

In recent years, fraudulent newsletters and advertisements are rampant, making many people quite disturbed, a netizen complained online about spam messages that made her uncomfortable, even if blocked, but also blocked, feeling very helpless, I did not expect the article accidentally fishing out insiders to share a super crazy solution, so that iPhone users can avoid receiving canned newsletters.

The netizen posted on the Dcard forum that he originally felt that Line was attacked (wildly adding friends) even though, but recently has been receiving spam newsletters recommending stocks is quite disturbing, “I can’t even eat enough, what stocks to buy, it’s really enough, if there is received can return the disaster? Let me know I’m not alone.”

The topic resonates with netizens, many of whom have the same experience, “I most often encounter is: how have you not contacted me yet? I am xx stock blablabla”, “recently a whole lot, I have deliberately added in with them to play a game, and then finally rub through them, the other party will be furious, and then block them”, “I just received, yesterday there are two letters ….” I also receive almost every day, and have deleted many of them.”

The article also caught insiders to share the method to avoid receiving spam newsletters, he first pointed out that this type of newsletters are mainly sent through E-Mail, so iOS users can avoid receiving spam newsletters as long as they go to the settings, click on the message items in the transmission and reception, and then uncheck the e-mail inside.

Some users reported that after unchecking the box, they will not receive spam, and if they usually use iMessage less, they can also turn it off, and the chance of receiving spam will be reduced. “The iMessage function can also be turned off directly to prevent receiving spam messages”, “Turn off iMessage and E-Mail directly so that you can’t receive them, otherwise you can block and report the account or messages.”