China’s Inner Mongolia 2 weeks local diagnosis of 332 cases of 2 officials were quickly removed from office

As of 24:00 on December 4, there were 332 confirmed cases of indigenous cases in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. (Taken from Surfing News)

China’s Inner Mongolia over the past two weeks a sharp increase of more than 300 cases of the new crown pneumonia (CCP virus) local confirmed cases, two officials were held accountable, respectively, Zalainuoer District Public Security Bureau deputy director Zhao Hui, Manzhouli City Federation of Trade Unions vice chairman Su Weidong, 2 people in the epidemic prevention and control work was criticized, there is a lack of awareness of the overall situation, the performance of duties, work shirking procrastination and other issues, was removed from office by the authorities.

According to Sing Tao, Manzhouli City Discipline Inspection Commission yesterday informed that Zhao Hui in the implementation of more than a hundred of the close people concentrated isolation and transfer work, the importance of the work tasks undertaken by their own lack of awareness, slow action, resulting in isolation and transfer work is seriously delayed, greatly affecting the transfer and “zero” work.

In addition, the disciplinary inspection team of Manzhouli City, the isolation of the hotel to carry out supervision found that the work of Su Wei Dong is not strong sense of responsibility, the isolation of the isolation of people in the bottom of the situation is unclear, the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work requirements are not in place.

According to the surging news, as of 24:00 on December 4, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region existing local confirmed cases 332 cases (Hulunbeier Manzhouli City 295 cases, Zalainuoer District 32 cases, New Balhoo Right Banner 3 cases; Manzhouli City associated confirmed cases 2 cases, in Tongliao City, Korqin District), asymptomatic infected 4 cases (Hulunbeier Manzhouli City 3 cases, New Balhoo Right Banner 1 case). All in the designated hospital isolation treatment, all close contacts are concentrated in designated places of isolation medical observation, strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic.