TSMC technician’s annual salary broke 800,000? Net reveals the truth

“The company is a company that many people aspire to, and they want to live a life where they can earn more than a million dollars a year. Some netizens are curious, “TSMC technicians can receive more than 800,000 a year?” There are people who know the truth, but also point out the need to rely on “overtime, extra long working hours” in exchange for a high salary.

People share the TSMC technician’s annual salary. (Photo / file photo)

A few days ago, a netizen pointed out in PTT, saw someone share, in TSMC work for 2 years, this salary, overtime plus year-end and dividends, the annual salary can receive more than 800,000, converted into a monthly salary of more than 70,000, so he could not help but wonder “that is not already win a bunch of people? Is this really true?”

Netizens have left messages saying, “Inside the supervisor told me that the new in 700,000-800,000, can it! Engineers start at 1.2 million”, “It’s true, crushing a bunch of small and medium-sized engineers”, “Yes, there are many who can break a hundred”, “Technicians are cool, nothing else can dent engineers Drinks”; however, some people also revealed that “stay more than a year and then work overtime full is indeed true”, “the basic working hours of ten hours to see not stay”, “you know how many working hours for the Do you?”

On a lover to share, “cousin technician 9x million, only off Sunday, good performance”, “800,000 is the basic, depending on whether you want to shift and interview into, if you do not know what to do want to earn a little more money, TSMC can make your annual income to win over 80% of the people” The company’s employees have been working for 35 hours a week if they don’t work overtime, but the annual salary is about 700,000 without overtime, and can be nearly a million after overtime.