Rumor has it that the Sino-Indian border talks are not going well 100,000 troops are still facing off

The Indian military and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have been holding military discussions on the border, especially after clashes between the two sides broke out at the Line of Actual Control (LAC), and the 13th round of talks has been held without results. Sources said that the 13th round of military talks between the Chinese and Indian military commanders were held in Moldo on the Ladakh side on the 9th, only that the 8 and a half hour talks broke down and both sides issued a statement blaming each other on the 12th.

The 13th round of talks on the India-China border broke down and the standoff between 100,000 troops continues again in 17, according to New Head Shell. According to India Today, at a secret meeting in India, Indian Army General Naravan was concerned that the Chinese army is building infrastructure and troops along the Line of Actual Control. If the Chinese stay, we stay”, he said. India and China currently have about 50,000 to 60,000 troops each deployed along the LAC.

According to the newspaper, the Chinese have built dozens of weatherproof buildings along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh, as well as new helipads, widened runways and established new surface-to-air missile and radar positions.

The two countries’ military commanders held their 13th round of military talks in Moldo on the Ladakh side on the 9th, only for the 8 and a half hour talks to break down, with both sides issuing statements blaming the other on the 12th.

The Indian spokesman lambasted the standoff on the northern border as a result of a massive build-up of communist forces and disagreed with the constructive offer made by India this time.

The Chinese side, on the other hand, issued a statement by Long Shaohua, a spokesman for the PLA’s western war zone, countering the Indian side’s insistence on unreasonable and unrealistic demands, making negotiations more difficult.

According to the report, the India-China border standoff has been negotiated while increasing the presence of troops on both sides since June 2020, when the worst bloody clashes in decades erupted between soldiers from both sides in Ladakh. With temperatures in Ladakh likely to drop to minus 30 degrees Celsius in January, troops from both sides remain near the disputed border for the 2nd harsh winter this year.