No. 18 typhoon this year “round” landed in Hainan 12 gale sweep Qionghai

The center of typhoon No. 18 this year “round gauge”, has been at 15:40 on October 13, in Hainan Province, Qionghai City, Boao Town, coastal landfall, the maximum wind near the center at landfall 12 (33 m / s), the center of the minimum pressure of 970 hPa. Seawater backed up in many places in Hainan.

Typhoon “round” landed in Hainan, a coconut tree was blown down by high winds, suspected of hitting a woman riding a motorcycle, life and death is unknown.

Typhoon “round” is about to land in Hainan, black clouds hovering over the top, as if the doomsday scenes.