Guangxi official was double-opened after divorce and his ex-wife illegally had three children

The former deputy director of the Housing and Urban Development Bureau of Luchuan County, Yulin City, Guangxi, was double-opened, and the official notification refers to his illegal birth of three children with his ex-wife after divorce, causing netizens to question.

October 13, the official notification, Guangxi Luchuan County Discipline Inspection Commission Supervisory Committee of the former Deputy Secretary of the Party Group, Deputy Secretary of the Luchuan County Housing and Urban Development Bureau, Director of the Human Defense Office Zhao Zhixiong was double-opened, and was filed for review and investigation.

Zhao Zhixiong was accused of accepting gifts and gratuities; deception, falsifying, seeking job promotion; irregular approval matters; corrupt life style, maintaining long-term improper sexual relations with others; divorced and his ex-wife illegally gave birth to three children; using the convenience of his position to engage in power and money transactions, accepting huge bribes; abuse of power and delusion, resulting in the state suffered significant economic losses.

Zhao Zhixiong was double-opened, and his alleged crimes were transferred to the prosecution for review and prosecution.

The fact that Zhao Zhixiong “divorced with his ex-wife illegally gave birth to three children” has raised many questions among netizens: what is the purpose of the divorce? The actual divorce is a sham? Why was it not discovered earlier?

Some netizens believe that Zhao Zhixiong “divorce is to prepare for corruption and abuse of the law.”

Some netizens also questioned why officials did not dare to announce the specific details of Zhao Zhixiong’s three sons, such as the year of birth, whether they were over-born, and if so, whether they were fined.