The word “cold war” and “egg fried rice” constitute “insulting martyrs” and a netizen was detained for posting the article on Weibo

A netizen was sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention by the Nanchang Public Security Bureau on Saturday (9) for allegedly posting insulting remarks online about the anti-U.S. volunteer army.

The company has been accused of posting insulting remarks on the Internet about the U.S. and China’s volunteer army, and was sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention by the Nanchang Public Security Bureau. The screenshot of the netizen’s message shows that the account “around the woo woo” message appears “the biggest success of the cold war is the egg fried rice, thanks to the egg fried rice”.

The netizen “around the woo woo” in Sina Weibo message. (Web screenshot)
Netizen “around the woo woo” in Sina Weibo message. (Screenshot)
A Chinese so-called patriotic movie “Changjin Lake” with the theme of “anti-U.S. aid to North Korea” was a hit during the November holiday, bringing in billions of yuan in box office revenue for the filmmakers, but also sending netizens to “detention centers”. On October 6, Luo Changping, a senior Chinese financial media figure, was criminally detained after he referred to the “ice sculpture company” in the movie as a “sand sculpture company” on Sina Weibo; a day later, Sina Weibo user @左右的佑佑 wrote on his account that “The biggest result of the cold war is egg fried rice, thanks to egg fried rice! Without egg fried rice, netizens would be no different from Cao County. Of course, the sad thing is that now there is not much difference either.”

On October 8, the netizen who posted the words “egg fried rice” was detained for 10 days for “insulting the words of the martyrs of the anti-U.S. and Korea volunteers, causing bad influence”.

Nanchang Public Security Bureau Xinjian Branch. (Web screenshot)
Nanchang Public Security Bureau, Xinjian Branch. (Screenshot)
On November 25, 1950, Mao Zedong’s son, Mao Linying, died in an air raid by U.S. military aircraft in North Korea. For many years, a version of the story has been circulating in China that Mao Linying ignored the military’s ban on cooking scrambled eggs on fire in the camp, causing U.S. troops to reconnoiter the camp’s location.

Zhang Jianping, a commentator on current affairs in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, found it unacceptable that netizens were convicted for quoting.

Zhang Jianping said: now is the manufacture of this tragedy is not guilty, through this tragedy to promote hate people are not guilty, flirt with this tragedy or have some different views or different ideas are guilty, this is really an unacceptable social phenomenon. And now this phenomenon is almost exactly the same as when we were children, during the Cultural Revolution, you can be convicted for having such thoughts.

Scholars: Freedom from fear is getting farther and farther away from this land

The police informed that on October 8, the public security organs received a report from the public, netizens “around the You You” in the Sina microblogging release of insults to the martyrs of the anti-American volunteer army, after receiving the report, the Nanchang Public Security Bureau of the New Branch to quickly carry out investigations, and on the same day, according to the law summoned ZuoMouDong (male, 42 years old, Sina microblogging name (the “left and right of You You”). Zuo Moudong confessed to the illegal act of insulting the martyrs of the anti-American volunteer army on the Sina microblogging platform, and according to the provisions of the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China”, Zuo Moudong was punished with 10 days of administrative detention.

The netizen “left and right of You You” account. (Web screenshot)
Netizen “left and right of You You” account. (Web screenshot)
WeChat netizen Mr. Mao was asked by a reporter how he felt about this, and his response was very direct.

Mr. Mao said: you say things I have also paid attention to, at present I even “egg fried rice” are afraid to say, I received some notice.

Mr. Cai, a current affairs commentator, said that freedom from fear is becoming more and more distant in this part of China. In an environment where public opinion must be highly consistent, people are at great risk now and in the future, whether they speak in public or in private.

Mr. Cai said: An atmosphere of extreme fear and high-handedness has developed throughout society, and there is a sense of self-preservation for everyone. This may be what the authorities need now or what they think is the best way to control public opinion. To shut everyone up and accept one idea, one point of view.

The staging of the Chinese movie “Lake Changjin” has kicked off discussions about the U.S.-China war in Korea. However, Chinese Internet censors only allowed Internet users to praise the movie and banned all comments. After publicly questioning the justice of the war, prominent media personality Luo Changping was criminally detained by the Jiyang Branch of the Sanya Public Security Bureau on suspicion of “harming the honor and reputation of heroes and martyrs,” and the case is now being investigated by the Sanya City Prosecutor’s Office.