Hunan deputy procurator general fell from the horse was reported by the real name of black and white to eat

Liu Jiankuan, Deputy Procurator General of Hunan Provincial Procuratorate, fell. For years, mainland citizens have been reporting in real names that Liu Jiankuan is a black-and-white man who acts as an umbrella for black and evil forces.

The Chinese Communist Party officially informed on October 12 that Liu Jiankuan, a member of the party group and deputy chief prosecutor of Hunan Provincial Procuratorate, was investigated for allegedly committing serious disciplinary violations.

The upstream news reported, from a number of informed sources, that on the morning of October 8, Liu Jiankuan had been detained by the Hunan Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission for investigation. 11, repeated calls to Liu Jiankuan’s own phone did not answer.

The 10th evening, Hunan Yongzhou city public officials, Mr. Li introduced, from 2013, they began to the relevant departments to report Liu Jiankuan, the 9th evening, he received the Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection staff phone call to tell us not to sue, Liu Jiankuan has been arrested.

The report said that on the morning of the 11th, a staff member of the Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection said, “clearly tell you, is being retained, we have opened a case to investigate”, and will soon inform the public of the matter.

Official information shows that Liu Jiankuan is currently a member of the party group of Hunan Provincial Procuratorate, deputy procurator general, a senior prosecutor.

The company’s main business is the development of a new product, a new product, and a new product. Liu Jiankuan held the positions of director and political commissar of Lengshuijiang Municipal Public Security Bureau and deputy director, deputy secretary, and detective of Loudi Municipal Public Security Bureau, and served as a hand in the public security system in Yongzhou and Xiangtan since November 2006; from December 2014 to July 2016, he served as a member of the party group and director of the political department of Hunan Provincial People’s Procuratorate. from July 2016 to present, he served as a member of the party group of Hunan Provincial Procuratorate and Deputy Procurator General.

Liu Jiankuan has been reported in real names several times over the years.

In August 2021, mainland citizens Li Wei, Jiang Xiaoqi, Yang Peilian, Yan Yueming, Shen Zaixin, and Wu You jointly reported Liu Jiankuan, deputy procurator general of the Hunan Provincial Procuratorate, to the Commission for Discipline Inspection, accusing him of rent-seeking, bribery, bending the law for personal gain, acting as an umbrella for black and evil forces, creating unjust cases, attending a private club to celebrate his achievements with Maotai wine, using public weapons for private purposes, retaliating against whistleblowers, and having a large amount of property of unknown origin.

The whistle-blowing letter says that Liu Jiankuan is a black-and-white man. The businessman Shen Aihu is Liu Jiankuan’s “white gloves”.

In 2014, China Economic Network published a report on “Hunan Xiangtan deputy mayor Liu Jiankuan was reported to have built a luxury villa in his hometown”, referring to a striking emblematic villa on a hill in the town of Anping in Loudi, Hunan. The owner of the villa was Liu Jiankuan, then vice mayor of Xiangtan, and director of the city’s public security bureau. The villa has a construction area of about 500 square meters, covers an area of about two acres, costing about 4 million yuan, with an internal price of nearly one million yuan of mahogany furniture, bought by businessman Shen Aihu from the Vietnamese border to Liu Jiankuan. The report did not get Liu Jiankuan positive response.

The whistleblower, Ms. Jiang, said that Shen Aihu has long conveyed benefits for Liu Jiankuan, who acts as an umbrella for Shen Aihu.

Shen Aihu is the legal representative of Guangxi Fangchenggang Royal Real Estate Development Co.

Global News 12 reported that Liu Jiankuan’s circle of political and business friends and his unseen past. According to reliable sources, Liu Jiankuan’s son Liu Zhi has purchased a house worth nearly 10 million yuan and a sports car worth 1 million yuan in Beijing. Liu is currently unemployed, and the source of his huge amount of money is doubtful.

In addition, Liu Jiankuan’s housing and mahogany furniture in Changsha was also purchased by Shen Aihu, mahogany furniture worth about 2 million yuan.

The information provided by the whistleblower also indicates that Liu Jiankuan through his son Liu Zhi shareholding, in Loudi Louxing District, invested in the construction of a hotel, named Wusheng Hotel, a total area of more than 10,000 square meters, worth hundreds of millions.

The report said that Liu Jiankuan and Shen Aihu’s collusion of interests has been close to the realm of water and milk, Shen Aihu in Yongzhou, Xiangtan two places “business” is also doing well.

According to Shen Aihu’s partners, in order to please Liu Jiankuan, Shen Aihu is also out of the strange tricks.

Between June 2012 and August 2012, Shen Aihu bought a whole tiger and two tiger skins from Vietnam three times through Liang Fangsheng, a Guangxi company executive, to win the hearts of mainland officials and bank executives. One of the tiger skins and part of the tiger meat were given to Liu Jiankuan.

Shen Aihu also received additional rewards. In addition to profiting handsomely from the project works, some of Shen Aihu’s plain illegal acts would be protected by Liu Jiankuan.