What would be the serious consequences if the President of the United States were to crash on Air Force One due to mechanical failure?

You’re asking what will happen when the President of the United States is suddenly gone, right?

It’s okay, there’s a spare tire, the Vice President doesn’t travel with the President, he always stays in a safe place while the President travels. In the event that the president becomes ill, disappears, or is captured, he will immediately succeed as interim president for the remainder of that president’s term.

If the president is cured, found, and released, then everything resumes its original order; if he or she is truly powerless, then the vice president will succeed him or her until the next election.

If the Vice President also falls ill or disappears or is captured, then the Speaker of the House of Representatives will serve as interim President.

This is called double insurance.

A bar asked what happens if the Vice President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives are both sick, missing or captured.

Haha, that’s too unlikely to happen. If it happens, a federal judge or one of the top federal officials could succeed as interim president, and people just have a way of doing it anyway.

So what would happen during a presidential change?

Don’t worry, the main role of the President of the United States is external, and plays the role of a speaker and announcer, all of his strategies go through the senior think tank and the ruling team, his own role is limited, and the United States Federation is internally governed by the governors, so the loss of a president, a blow to the federal reputation and morale, but people’s Federation from top to bottom, can still function normally, not because of one person and become a mass of people!