Chinese outbreak bounces back with rampant Delta strain on Yunnan border

Official figures in China show that new cases of new coronavirus infections reached the highest point since January this year, with the highest number of new cases in the China-Myanmar border region.

China’s National Health Commission reported on Tuesday (July 20) that the number of new cases on Monday was 65, more than double the previous day’s 31 cases and the most since January 30, when a record 92 cases were reported.

Among those 65 cases were 41 imported cases, all Chinese who had recently returned from Myanmar. This round of epidemic backlash began on July 4 and is concentrated in Ruili and Longchuan, two small towns along the China-Myanmar border in Yunnan.

The outbreak in Myanmar is worsening. The United Nations says it is stepping up efforts to fight the epidemic in Myanmar and curb the rapid increase in infections. Myanmar’s state television MRTV reported Monday that there were 281 new deaths and 5,189 infections in Myanmar.

Ruili has experienced four iterations of the outbreak since the new coronavirus outbreak last year. seven cases were reported there on July 19, compared with one case in Longchuan. Ruili is an important land transit point in Yunnan province. Yunnan has a 4,000 km border with Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

This recurring outbreak in Yunnan is highly associated with a mutant delta strain of New Coronavirus. The mutant virus was also found in May and June in Guangdong province in southern China.

The Yunnan provincial government has said that it will take decisive measures to stop the spread of the virus strain. Numerous checkpoints have been added to the roads in the Xishuangbanna region, and passing vehicles and people are being inspected.