Burma’s former NLD spokesman Ne Win dies in prison after contracting epidemic

Nyan Win, a close friend of Myanmar’s deposed former leader Ung San Suu Kyi and a former spokesman for the National League for Democracy (NLD), died tragically today in a military government prison after contracting COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019).

Nyan Win, who was 78 years old, was a senior member of the NLD led by Ung San Suu Kyi and also served as the party’s spokesperson.

Nyan Win was arrested on Feb. 1 of this year after the military staged a coup to overthrow the civilian government led by Ung San and was detained in Yangon’s notorious Insein prison on charges of sedition.

Zaw Min Tun, a spokesman for the junta, which calls itself the State AdministrationCouncil, said, “Naw Win was found to have COVID-19 symptoms on July 11 and was transferred to Yangon General Hospital. Yangon General Hospital…for treatment. He passed away at 9 a.m. today at the hospital.”

Shomin Thong added that Na Win had suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes and other illnesses.

Na Win was a veteran politician who had long worked on human rights issues and was the only person under the former military government who was allowed to meet with Ung San Suu Kyi.

During Ung San Suu Kyi’s 15 years of house arrest, Na Win acted as a window for her, delivering messages to the outside world and her supporters.