Radio Television Hong Kong follows the party and does not call Tsai Ing-wen the president of Taiwan

RTHK issued internal guidelines to all its staff, under no circumstances should Taiwan be regarded as a sovereign state, and inappropriate words such as “Republic of China, the State, the Executive Yuan” should not be used, nor should “the President of Taiwan” be used. “These rules are in line with the party media. The Hong Kong Journalists Association is concerned that this is only the beginning and there will be more regulations in the future.

From the British Hong Kong era has been operating in the Radio Television Hong Kong, after the new Director of Broadcasting Li Baiquan as the editor-in-chief, the editorial policy tends to China, and even with the mainland party media on par.

Although the Hong Kong Communications Office last month to deal with complaints about RTHK news reports, after the name of Tsai Ing-wen added the President, indicating that RTHK no violation of the provisions of the accuracy of news, ruled that the complaint is not justified. However, the Deputy Director of Broadcasting of RTHK, Mr. Fung Kin-yip, issued an internal circular to all staff today (July 20), requesting that when referring to Taiwan-related issues, the use of words should be highly careful, under no circumstances should Taiwan be regarded as a sovereign state, not to use “Republic of China, the State, the Executive Yuan” and other inappropriate use of words, and cited a number of examples, such as not For example, “President of Taiwan” should not be used, but should be changed to “leader of the Taiwan region or authority”, “Taiwan government” should be changed to “Taiwan authority”, “Executive Yuan” should be changed to “Taiwan government”. “, “Executive Yuan” to “Taiwan Executive” or other names in line with the principle of one country.

The internal sources of Radio Television Hong Kong said that the management of the Ministry of Information has issued a directive to start immediately, the green sky and the red flag and the presidential palace pictures and films can not be used.

A spokesman for RTHK said that Hong Kong and Taiwan belong to the same China, and the SAR government handles Taiwan-related matters in accordance with the Basic Law, the one-China principle and the Central Government’s basic principles for handling Taiwan-related issues in Hong Kong.

The spokesman said that the Charter of RTHK clearly sets out the public purposes and missions of RTHK, including the provision of accurate and impartial news coverage, increasing public awareness of “one country, two systems”, as well as programs to enable the public to understand the community and the country, and to foster a sense of civic and national identity, emphasizing that RTHK is a public broadcaster in Hong Kong. As a public broadcaster of Hong Kong and a government department, the description and wording of Taiwan and related organizations should be standardized and strictly regulated.

Current Affairs Commentator: The line between one country and two systems is getting blurred

Liu Ruishao, who has been the host of Radio Television Hong Kong for a long time, told the station that there were no relevant requirements and guidelines before, and that the practice of Radio Television Hong Kong this time was following the official Beijing, showing that the current situation in Hong Kong has violated the late Chinese Communist leader Deng Xiaoping’s words of “one country, two systems”.

Liu Rui Shao: “will be extended to the general public, depending on the Hong Kong government, if expanded to the general public, there will be the past expanded, one country, two systems more and more blurred, to the end of the ideological standards of one country, two systems, everyone to the mainland.”

The Hong Kong Journalists Association fears that it is only the beginning, there will be more restrictions in the future

Hong Kong Journalists Association Chairman Chan Long-sheng expressed concern that this time the practice of Radio Television Hong Kong, is only the beginning, more restrictions will be imposed in the future.

Chen Langsheng: Taiwan news has requirements, the future will not have certain requirements for other news, such as news from abroad, the local news involving sanctions and independence in Hong Kong, the July 1 attack on the police case (the suspect) the identity of the description, whether there are norms? The result will only bring more restrictions.”

Chen Langsheng said that the wording of the report follows the official set of mainland China, may make the public feel that the position of the media concerned, but also close to the Chinese official, will affect the neutrality and objectivity of the media reports, and described, the practice of Hong Kong radio makes people feel sad.

He said that the news involving Taiwan in mainland China are released by the official media, the media will not cover Taiwan on their own, it is easier to standardize the wording, but the close relationship between Hong Kong and Taiwan, there are many Hong Kong people immigrated to Taiwan, the Hong Kong media often send their own people to Taiwan to cover, worried about the use of a set of mainland terms, will make readers and viewers difficult to adapt and understand the content of the report.