Zhang Tao was “double fired” and arrested for beating up two academicians

China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Corporation disclosed on its official microblog that Zhang Tao, secretary of the party committee of Aerospace Investment Holding Co. In addition, the Beijing Haidian District Procuratorate arrested Zhang Tao on suspicion of intentional injury. Earlier, Zhang Tao’s assault on an academician sparked public opinion.

China Aerospace official microblogging this Monday (19) evening released “information notice on the decision to deal with Zhang Tao”, said the China Aerospace Party group decided to give Zhang Tao, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board of aerospace investment, expulsion from the party. The Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group of China Aerospace decided to give Zhang Tao the punishment of dismissal from political affairs.

Subsequently, the official WeChat public number of Beijing Chaoyang District Procuratorate, “Chaoqian Online”, issued an article saying that the Procuratorate had approved the arrest of the suspect, Zhang Tao, on suspicion of intentional injury after a review in accordance with the law.

The public’s anger was aroused, and the investigation came late.

Many Chinese netizens applauded the official decision, saying that such officials should be brought to justice. Zhejiang scholar Jiang Hongguang said in an interview with the station that Zhang Tao’s assault on the two scientists had aroused public anger after the incident came to light, but the official decision came too late.

Jiang Hongguang said: The direct reason why the party secretary of the aerospace group beat up the old scientist was that he wanted to be an academician, in fact, as the party secretary of the aerospace science and technology group, and also as the chairman of the board, its power is very big, and the economic benefits are lucrative. But still do not know enough, in addition to profit, but also want fame. Such a bad incident in more than a month-long time, the police simply did not intervene, only after the fermentation of this matter on the Internet, caused public anger. The police had to intervene. This shows the phenomenon of officials protecting each other, how bad.

In early June, Zhang Tao tried to make himself a member of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), seeking two academicians to recommend him, and after being rejected, he assaulted IAA academicians Wang Jinnian and Wu Meirong, causing them to suffer broken ribs and spines. The incident was covered up for a month and then exposed.

Ping An Beijing Chaoyang microblogging post said that at 19:00 on June 6, Zhang Mou (Zhang Tao) was dining with Wang Mounian and Wu Meirong at a restaurant together, during which Zhang Mou (Zhang Tao) and Wang Mounian had a verbal argument after drinking. Subsequently, Zhang repeatedly kicked and beat Wang Mounian. During the period, Wu Mou Rong in the process of dissuasion because of Zhang Mou pulling, collision, twice fell to the ground and injured, subsequently, sent to hospital for treatment.

The current affairs commentator: civil service selection cronyism

Mr. Wang, a commentator on current affairs in Hebei who is concerned about the matter, told the station that currently, Chinese civil servants are often selected on the basis of cronyism, so that most officials chase fame and fortune and have poor character.

Mr. Wang said: Party-oriented officials have also brought about, bringing about the proliferation and rampant party culture within the CCP system. After such a group of party sticks, who are only political and not professional, and even look down on professionals, come to power, all kinds of banditry and vicious incidents will occur.

Enterprise Cha Cha information shows that the 57-year-old Zhang Tao, graduate degree, doctorate degree, is a senior researcher, the incident before the aerospace investment holding limited company party secretary, chairman of the board, China group of companies to promote the seventh council vice president.

According to public information, China Aerospace Investment Holdings was established in December 2006 with a registered capital of RMB 12 billion and managed capital of RMB 224 billion, performing functions such as industrial incubation, resource integration, strategic mergers and acquisitions, investment and financing given by China Aerospace Science and Technology Group.