Mrs. Carrie Lam stated that there will be no by-election for District Councils in this government

In Hong Kong on Tuesday (20), Chief Executive Carrie Lam met with reporters before the meeting. A reporter asked her whether she would “humanize” the oath-taking and DQ issues of District Councils, she said the Hong Kong government would only “legalize” the process, and the work of arranging the oath-taking of District Council members is nearing completion. In addition, because the pro-Beijing media said that the Hong Kong government will chase millions of salaries and allowances, resulting in a large number of District Council members resignation, Lin Zheng said the current government will not by-elections. She also said the government has expanded the consultation channel, different committees will be more active in providing advice to the government.

A reporter asked about the “Hong Kong National Security Law” after the current wave of immigrants, Lin Zheng responded that the history of Hong Kong will have a wave of immigrants every once in a while. Lin Zheng believes that immigration is a personal consideration, “the SAR Government will only adhere to the Hong Kong people are under the Basic Law to enjoy the freedom of entry and exit, will not have any specific look here.” However, she added: “Hong Kong’s future is very good.” She added that the main reason is the “two major initiatives of the Central Government”, namely the enactment of the national security law and the revision of the electoral system. In addition to the “14th Five-Year Plan” and “Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Greater Bay Area”, “a sense of belonging to Hong Kong, willing to work here, and home is the best time.”

A reporter asked about the recent hit in Hong Kong gay male TV series set “Uncle’s Love”, Hong Kong on the sexual niche protection is sufficient. Lam said he had not seen it, but on the issue of sexual minorities, should not discriminate or very vicious curse this type of people. And related issues in Hong Kong is still very controversial. She also took the initiative to mention the Chinese military drama “Bugler in Position” broadcast by Radio Television Hong Kong, which she described as inspirational and positive, performed by a group of young actors, and encouraged the public to watch it.

The drama “Bugler in Position” is jointly produced by the Propaganda Bureau of the Political Work Department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). According to Radio Television Hong Kong’s synopsis, the series tells the story of veterans and recruits of the PLA Rocket Force, whose characters “bear the majesty of the ‘great nation’s bottom card’.