If Huang Sheng wrote an article about his arrest

Ten years ago, if you happened to pass by Zhongxing Road in Luohu District, Shenzhen, you might have seen a fruit store named “Green Harvest”.

It was located in the bustling area of the Special Economic Zone.

Within 2 kilometers of the neighborhood, there were Shenzhen High School and Shenzhen Primary School, which later became famous for having many graduate students from Peking University, Tsinghua University and Nijian Haya, as well as landmarks such as Shenzhen Diwang Building, People’s Park and Jingji 100 Building.

The owner of this store is not bad-looking. He has thick eyebrows, big eyes, strong roots and glowing head, like a monk of the Tang Dynasty.

His store sells a variety of tropical and subtropical fruits, such as emperor banana, longan, ivory mango, pineapple …… and, a fruit that gives off a very controversial smell: durian.

According to the corporate information disclosed by SkyEye, this Green Harvest fruit store was established in March 2011 with a registered capital of 20,000 yuan.

The owner also set up a Green Harvest fruit sales company at the same time, with a registered capital of 30,000 yuan. As a “co-founder”, he contributed 50%, or 15,000 yuan.

Obviously, the fruit stall did not realize his life value. A few years later, he wrote off the fruit store, not looking at the small money of selling fruit.

Because, he found the real wealth code and started a bigger business.

He went from offline to online, transformed into a self media writer, positive energy network V. Specializing in writing popular middle-aged and older men’s international trends, global strategy.

The content is “America is collapsing”, “Japan is collapsing Thesis” “Britain collapsed” “China has won” and other articles. The title of the article is “Shock! Just now ……” and other earth-shattering style.

Yesterday, the owner’s years of struggle finally came to fruition.

Shenzhen’s police uncle issued a notice.

This boss and his company’s other two shareholders and executives were taken criminal compulsory measures. The reason is suspected of illegal absorption of public deposits.

Owed 5412 people, a total of 689 million.


Today, we will review the story of this high man.


The boss’s name is Huang Sheng.

He often says that he is a native of Jiangxi, graduated from the law department of Peking University, has been engaged in financial work, six years of commercial banking work, seven years of experience in equity investment and mergers and acquisitions, completed a number of large project financing and syndicated loan projects.

In his article, “Collapse, really a river of blood” in his public number “Huang Sheng sees finance”, he also said he is a financial practitioner with 23 years of experience.

He managed $50 billion in banking assets in 2003, $7 billion in secondary market equity assets in 2006, and $50 billion in fixed income assets in 2013.

In other words, by the time he was selling fruit at his stall in 2011, he was already managing billions, if not tens of billions, of assets.

This begs the question.

Is it a fruit stall owner who manages $50 billion in his free time, or a wealthy tycoon who graduated from Peking University and opened a fruit store in his spare time?

These experiences of his have never been secret and cannot be confirmed. But his fame is well documented.

It was 2012. After the stock price of CITIC Securities plummeted, the unknown Huang Sheng posted a blog claiming that he had shorted it, and that he had shorted Pan Shiyi’s SOHO China.

He became famous and was known as the Muddy Waters of China.

However, Huang did not follow the Muddy Waters path and did not claim to have shorted anything else.

Around 2013-2014, he started writing about international politics and economics and published a book called “The Currency War Behind the Diaoyu Islands”.

I have never been to the Diaoyu Islands, but the name Currency Wars is quite familiar.

Yes, it’s the book that Ms. Yang Lan tweeted a few years ago, praising it as “a way to make people see the sun”, written by the famous strategy master Mr. Song Hongbing.

He has opened several accounts in Weibo, WeChat public number, headlines, ShakeYin and other platforms, such as “Huang Sheng Watching Finance”, “Huang Sheng Classroom”, “Huang Sheng”, “Huang Sheng” and “Huang Sheng”. Huang Sheng Classroom”, “Huang Sheng Talk Huang Sheng Talks”.

The article titles are all like this Auntie.

“Bloodbath, China steps in for a full stranglehold”, “The U.S. Army has slipped away”, “A shocking scandal, the U.S. has fallen”, “Japan is collapsing”, “Japan is in trouble”, “Britain is not working”, “(Australia) this country is finally feeling scared”, “Russia, has done it again” …….

Or this tone thriller.

“Revenge Madness, It’s a Massacre,” “Today, Another Massacre Has Been Made,” “War, A Touchdown,” “Today, A Sudden Flash Crash,” “Today, Swords and Swords,” “Tonight, ……” ……

However, this does not stop many readers who love these topics from rushing to them. According to a report in China Fund News.

“Huang Sheng looks at finance” entered the top 500 WeChat public numbers 42 times. In the list of finance and economics, it has been in the top 20 for a long time. It is a head account. The reading volume of a chapter article is as low as 100,000+ and as high as several million.

Some comments point out.

Huang Sheng is precisely using such content to complete the intellectual screening of the readership.

First of all, he found these millions of readers who like him and follow him in a sea of people, and became loyal fans; after the initial screening, he formed a lot of WeChat groups, and then formed a small circle of people with the same values.

At the same time, in the article or the group, he released his “P2P financial products, financial investment courses, wine and other goods to complete the final harvest.

This is the process of getting traffic, guiding readers into their own vegetable garden and becoming a qualified leek.

Huang Sheng once proudly said that Xitou.com is the only P2P platform that doesn’t need marketing input.

I an article hundreds of thousands, or even millions of readers, fan viscosity and loyalty is very high, in other places to invest in advertising will have such good results?

Mr. Zhang, an investor in Shenzhen, said.

We invested in Xitou.com because the platform was founded by microblogger V Huang Sheng. We read his articles and trusted him, so we invested in HIT.

Mr. Zhang has invested more than 1 million yuan of principal in more than a year.

Mr. Zhang, I think your investment of 1 million is really too little.

I’m sorry that so many times the collapse of the United States.


In 2007, China’s first P2P network lending platform was launched. Since then, the online lending industry has entered a wild growth period.

Huang Sheng’s “Xitou.com” platform was launched in 2014.

It was in this year that he wrote off his fruit store.

However, the online lending industry fraud, runaway, thunder and other risks, chaos, but also gradually attracted the attention of regulators.

After 2016, the regulatory policy is gradually strict, clearly stipulating that online loan platforms can only be “intermediaries”, providing information services for borrowers and lenders, and may not set up their own The regulators began to guide the online lending platforms to be “intermediaries”, providing information services to borrowers and lenders, and not to set up their own capital pools or illegally absorb deposits.

After that, the regulators began to guide the benign exit of online lending platforms (good exit). The number of online lending companies has gradually decreased from several thousand at the peak to a few dozen.

According to Tech Finance Online, a screenshot of an email shows that “Xitou.com” received a letter from a third-party payment company on December 26, 2019 On December 26, 2019, the company received a letter of termination from the third-party payment company “Lian Lien”.

However, the website concealed the situation and still allowed leeks to keep topping up their funds.

The lenders were worried that they would not be able to get their loaned money back. Huang Sheng replied to them in the group like this.

If even Xitou is worried, then there is nothing left to invest in China.

On June 18, 2020, the Shenzhen police opened a case to investigate the suspected illegal deposit-taking of “Xitou.com”. Mr. Huang has already had difficulties in paying out.

According to the Shenzhen Futian police report, the current principal amount to be repaid is 689 million yuan, and the principal amount to be paid out to the lenders is 625 million yuan. The number of lenders involved is 5412 people.

But just a few days ago, Mr. Huang was lying to investors in the group.

The investors in the group – of course – are already 100% paid up.

The investors in the group – of course, it could also be the atmosphere group – also have to give him praise 666 ……

Below Boss Huang’s chicken blood cool article, there are still readers who are moved by his patriotic fervor and leave messages saying

This is the best article I’ve ever read.


The public number “Huang Sheng Watch Finance” also updated an article on the day Huang Sheng was arrested.

The headline was the same as always.

Today, a triple siege, a killing machine.

Huang’s Weibo account was last updated on July 12. He made a video, “A trillion dollars of good news”, and continued to send positive, optimistic “energy” to his readers and investors.

In this episode, he was unchanged and calm as usual. He vividly illustrated what it means to be unchanged in front of a mountain.

Although his microblog showed that he was banned for violating the community convention, there were still many enthusiastic fans who sent him warm messages and continued to praise him.

–He is a person with conscience and level~

–Mr. Huang still has two brilliance ~

Another fan continued to ask: Mr. Huang, is there a future for the real estate leader?

This question was ridiculed by the group.

You asked him if the real estate leader has a future, he has no time to reply to you, he is studying his own future.

Speaking of Mr. Huang, I can’t help but think of another big V who was banned in 2020, Mr. Bai Yun, the author of the public number “To Dao Xue Gong”.

Mr. Bai Yun, formerly known as Yao Yuxiang, also attracts readers through his patriotic articles and sells his own products such as national studies and traditional culture courses.

He said that God has been Chinese since ancient times and that learning English will make people stupid ……

His pinnacle masterpiece is “Near Death: The Sinking of America”, saying that America has collapsed and is in a food crisis, making human hamburgers and hot dogs out of the bodies of the newly crowned dead.

This account was once ranked first in the public number list of the New List. The number of readings of his articles can easily reach several million. Fans leave messages for him, and they all say “Mr.” with respect and admiration.

I feel that if this were in ancient times, this Mr. Yao’s name would have to be directly crowned “Zi”.

Just call: Yao Zi.

The proliferation of pink war wolves has even spilled over to other countries and caused diplomatic problems for China.

In 2020, Kazakhstan’s foreign minister officially summoned Chinese Ambassador Zhang Xiao to protest an article that appeared in the Chinese media.

Why is “Kazakhstan” eager to return to China?

This war-wolf article, which was reproduced on many Chinese-language websites and public websites, later reached Kazakhstan and was perceived by the Kazakhs as a sign that China has ambitions for the country’s territory.

Similar articles are often found on the Chinese web.

People in this country envy the Chinese, people in this country want to become Chinese, women in this country want to marry Chinese ……

The countries named include but are not limited to Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, India …… These neighboring countries. Even Africa, which is 10,000 miles away, is also given nan row on.

Huang Sheng, also joined in this business of harvesting patriotic IQ tax.

The real evil of such people is that they stigmatize patriotism as a veneer of fraud.

He makes the people’s most simple patriotic feelings instantly transformed into the trauma of being cheated out of their money and becoming a social laughing stock.

To speak of traitors, this kind of person is the real traitor to the country. Because he specializes in making the patriotic people hurt.

The Shenzhen police informed the 5412 people who were cheated by Huang Sheng, many of them must have been moved by his patriotic articles.


I checked some judicial precedents in the P2P field and found that there is a major positive for Mr. Huang.

In the past few years, the P2P industry has also been inside-out, and such crimes are generally not sentenced to death.

For example, a few years ago, executives of a company in Beijing illegally absorbed 800 million yuan of funds, causing economic losses of more than 700 million yuan. The main offender was sentenced to just over 6 years.

Mr. Huang won’t have time to do anything else for a few years. But the business of relying on patriotic fraud will not disappear instantly.

There are many accounts that are catering to this sentiment, or hand-cultivating this soil. This line of work, there is no worry about no leeks to cut.

Finally, we can imagine.

If you let Mr. Huang write an article about his own arrest, what would he title it?

Considering that he is already in jail and can’t respond to us, let’s reluctantly suggest a few titles for him.

“Today, Sudden Killing! Patriotic Vocalist Arrested”.

“Playing with fire, a big scandal, he’s in.

Shock! Just now, he has fallen”.

“Bloodbath, suddenly arrested, no snowflake is innocent


(N omitted here)

Readers, which one do you like? Welcome to leave a comment to tell you Oh ~