Good thoughts cannot grow from evil soil

Taiwan gave 700,000 masks to Slovakia, and on July 15, received back 10,000 doses of vaccine, which was seen as a beautiful story of the cycle of goodwill when the epidemic monopolized the world, and those who do good deeds are rewarded with good deeds, which everyone is happy to see. Therefore, Taiwan’s independent national teacher Lin Tuoshui also came out to shout: “Taiwan did not send masks to China last year, which is a humanitarian mistake and a national security policy mistake “, but I am deeply unimpressed, old Lin is simple? Or is it old?

Last year, the government organized the national team of masks and announced the export control of masks. The blue camp of Taiwan advocated sending masks to China, which once triggered an attack and defense between the pro and anti sides, and the epidemic prevention results afterwards proved that the government’s policy was correct. There were two major reasons for not sending masks to China: first, China is the world’s largest producer of masks, and second, after the Wuhan epidemic spread around the world, the old Communist Party sent the national team to search and purchase around the world, in addition to selling masks to make money In this case, Taiwan sent masks to China, and it is surprising that this move was not scolded by the international community, not to mention the domestic opposition.

Master Lin said: “Taiwan should distinguish between the Chinese Communist Party or Chinese”, this is easy to say, not easy to do, Trump counterattacked the Chinese Communist Party, also shouted the enemy is the Chinese Communist Party, not Chinese, the problem is that the two warring countries, especially the fight over the war, the victims are bound to be the people, such as tariff increases, is bound to make prices rise, the victimized consumers or the people Recently, the United States refused to allow 500 Chinese students to enter the country, and many Chinese students cried foul saying, “They are not going to the United States to do secret service.

The problem is: secret agents never put the word secret agent on their faces.

Most scholars usually describe the current situation of the “Chinese Communist State” as the abduction of 1.4 billion Chinese people by the Chinese Communist regime. How many are involuntary slaves? And how many are rebelling against slavery? It is difficult for the outside world or the international community to get a full picture, and those who resist are usually only a minority. Before the 1989 pro-democracy movement, the “Open Society Foundation” of the American financial tycoon Soros was expelled from Beijing by the old common name of spy, and Soros said: “China’s mess has to be changed by the Chinese themselves, there is no point for outsiders to focus on it. “, this sentence is the most pragmatic.

Every snowflake has a responsibility in the moment of avalanche

Recently watched the Spanish serial “Paper House”, the plot describes the kidnappers who robbed a money printing factory, kidnapped a group of senate visitors and factory staff as a bargaining chip, surrounded by police officers some advocate not to send meals, the kidnappers will surrender when they are hungry, the other side advocates that meals should be given because the meat tickets will be hungry, the kidnappers threaten to kill the meat tickets, which is the dilemma faced by the police, Slovakia or Lithuania, understand the return of goodwill, because the same as Taiwan However, the old Communist Party is a kidnapper, non-democratic, even if Taiwan sent the masks, the Chinese meat tickets by the information blockade, it is likely to be completely unaware of the second, even if you know, the old Communist Party is also very difficult to return goodwill, Wenchuan earthquake, Taiwan donated the world’s first, the next is the old shared missile returns.

Objectively speaking, not all Chinese people are evil, but the problem is that most of them are brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party’s ideology, or “communists” for short, and they have preconceived notions about the West or about Taiwan, under the information blockade: Chinese people have no eyes, under the violence, Chinese people have no mouths, their disabilities are deliberately caused by the Chinese Communist Party, in the evil environment of the Chinese Communist Party’s rule, in the bad land, the Chinese Communist Party’s rule. What the old Communist Party wants from Taiwan is definitely more than a muzzle, but what can you do with a muzzle?

Then again: the CCP is like a huge hill before an avalanche, the hill is the CCP, the snowflakes are the Chinese, once the avalanche moment comes, every snowflake is responsible.